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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Dealing with a Trickster Friend

    Friends come and go throughout a person's life. Through these experiences, it is possible to tell who are the truly loyal friends who stick by you through thick and thin and those who only appear for their own personal benefit. Many people have encountered such an unreliable friend and must deal with the situation in an effective manner.

    When a friend keeps tricking you into "hanging out", but it turns out to be a trap, it is essential to take back control of the situation as soon as possible. Avoiding or ignoring the situation might only make things worse, particularly when you consider the consequences of what this type of behavior could do to your mindset and emotional health.

    The first step that you must take is to recognize that your friend is not really your friend anymore and cannot be trusted. It could be easy to brush off their behavior and make excuses for them. However, this only allows them to continue the same behavior knowing that you will forgive them for it at all times. Refuse to accept this type of treatment from them and make sure that they know that their conduct is unacceptable.

    Gently confront them about their behavior. Explain how their actions affect you and why it is wrong. Make it clear that these types of shenanigans are not welcome and will no longer be tolerated. At the same time, express your willingness to work through any issues that might exist between the two of you. Acknowledge any potential misunderstanding or disagreements between the two of you, discuss it openly, and move past it as best as you can.

    Be ready to compromise if needed. As much as one wants to keep a friendship despite all the tension, sometimes it just does not work out. Accepting that you must move on from the relationship might be difficult. When the other person still tries to keep up with their behaviors, it could be even less desirable. Compromising with them could be a means to find an agreeable solution that satisfies both parties and minimizes any fallout from the situation.

    Do not forget that setting boundaries is also important. This could create a sense of security for yourself and it also serves as a reminder for your manipulative friend that their behavior has limits and consequences. Make sure that these boundaries will be enough to deter them from indulging in their malicious activities towards you.

    Determine if continuing this "friendship" is worth it or not. This case could be a warning sign of worse situations to come with your current friend or any other relationship. Analyze what they did wrong so that you can prevent these types of situations in the future in any other relationship you have with someone else. On the other hand, if your friend sincerely apologizes and understands your concerns, then try to move forward with forgiveness and trust albeit cautiously to see if they do keep their word this time around.

    Although it is often difficult dealing with a friend who tricks you into situations which end up being traps, there are ways to disentangle yourself from the web of deceit that has been spun for you. By understanding how it affects you and communicating openly and honestly with your friend, you can rediscover what could have been a trustworthy bond between yourselves once more or decide to go your separate ways for good.

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