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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Are Work Friendships Good or Bad Idea?

    As any colleague working in the office knows, it's common to develop a friendship with another person working in the same environment. This can come in handy when you have nobody else to turn to and need emotional support as well as work support. But is having a work-based friendship really a good thing or not?

    For starters, it's important to consider that being friends with someone you work with can be seen as unprofessional by other colleagues and managers. There are potential risks if you stay too friendly with a co-worker, such as speaking negatively about the company or growing too close to someone in power and receiving preferential treatment. In this case, it's best to be mindful of professional boundaries and realize that your professional job, position and reputation within the company come before any personal friendships with another colleague.

    On the other hand, having a work-based friendship can positively contribute to both yours and your friend's workplace presence. Knowing someone provides a sense of comfort and belonging and could help push each other to reach new heights. A friendly colleague could be a great source of motivation or even just a helpful ear to listen to your daily feelings or woes. especially during those days when the stress levels rise and the workload skyrockets. Plus, it's not unusual to find a long-lasting friendship with someone you work with that could extend beyond the office and into your personal life.

    At the same time, there can be downsides to workplace friendships that should be taken into consideration. When feelings become involved, it can create tension between other people in the office or escalate disagreements over tasks. Even worse, if you must change departments, move to a different office or leave the company altogether, it can put a strain on the friendship and even risk both of your reputations if things don't end smoothly.

    Many experience benefits from forming a workplace friendship but ultimately, it's something that needs to be handled with great care and respect. Be selective on who you decide to call a friend and make sure to stay respectful and polite to everyone else at the office; this will help maintain order and teamwork within the workplace. Invest in strong friendships - both inside and outside of work - and make sure to set clear boundaries, so everyone involved is aware of the dynamics of the relationship. Of course, you never want your friendships to affect the quality of your job performance or productivity either.

    If done right, work-based friendships could be a huge help in improving the overall wellbeing and performance at the workplace while also helping us make lasting friendships too.

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