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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Reigniting a Fading Flame of Love: Should You Rekindle the Romance After Being Broken Up With?

    Nothing compares to the heartache of getting broken up with, especially after poured in endless effort and dedication into the relationship. Even if love fades and attraction dwindles, it is still for many a difficult pill to swallow. But does that mean the door to reconciliation and rekindling the flame of love is completely shut?

    It all boils down to how difficult or impossible it may seem to move on from something that has been such a great part of one’s life for long and how much hope there is for salvaging what was lost. It is essential to be honest with oneself and to contemplate sincerely why the relationship ended and if it is even worth the effort and emotional investment to try and reconcile the divide.

    Upon deciding that rejoining the broken pieces and adding back the missing colours of love is a real and sincere possibility a person should carefully approach the idea. A process of reconciliation and restoration requires immense emotional and physical efforts granted that it was not an overnight breakdown of the relationship and there is good will and understanding between both parties. Thus, it is significant to examine at all times, the intentions and motivations behind reclaiming the broken pieces of what used to be.

    Commonly, good communication and implicit understanding are the cornerstones of any successful attempt to put things back together again. Though, the actual effort may require conversations and reminders that the love, despite being fading away is still there and worth fighting for. Thus one may start by expressing their feelings, reminding the other that things once were perfect and that it takes two to rebuild. Another way could be through physical elements of gestures like giving small thoughtful presents or consistently messaging and calling in order to never let them out of one’s sight. Yet much caution must be taken to avoid crossing boundaries of possessiveness, desire for control or attachment. Although this kind of relationships work best when both equal parts are aware of the stakes and there is some form of mutual understanding that goes beyond quid pro quo.

    Indeed, it is not the most straightforward path and one cannot realistically expect everything to fall in place immediately. It could take time, several failed attempts and emotional turmoil to get closer to the truth of whether or not it is worth it to try and bring what was lost back to life. With that in mind, one should use objective judgement as much as possible to properly weigh the chances of turning the discarded scraps of what used to be into a strong connection. Moreover, one should acknowledge that a state of reunion may possibly not result in exactly what it used to be prior and that one might fall for the same mistakes again or worse may encounter total failure.

    Whatever decision is taken it shall depend on how comfortable you feel with opening up, how much energy you are willing to invest and if there are non-hindering matters that limit the prospect of reconciliation. However, if the idea of regaining control of the situation and harvesting the benefits of being together again resonate with accept the challenge and dive in no one should deny themselves from giving it a shot. After all, with the right attitude, care and trust anything is possible, even living happily ever after…

    Symbolically, getting broken up with carries nuances of winter, while the decision to nurse the fading flame of love implies the blooms of spring. That brings the prospect of a beautiful summer, during which the warmth of the sun can brighten up the days, just like a renewed romance can brighten up the lives of those involved.

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