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    How To Maintain Beautiful Hair

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    Every woman who wants to look beautiful and attractive must remember that beautiful hair is one of the most important factors that contribute to the beauty of a lady. However, keeping the hair perfect and healthy for the rest of your life is a hard job to do. Below are provided some useful hair care tips, that, depending on the hair type, may help solve you hair problem.

    How to maintain oily hair

    Individuals with oily skin are more likely to have oily hair as well. The scalp has a tendency to secrete excess oil, which makes it lank and greasy. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the scalp dry. Many people fall for the temptations of a harsh treatment or shampoo thinking that it will solve the problem once and forever. This is not going to happen as all these "fast-working" treatments only temporarily restore hair but do more damage to it in the long term. The best thing for dealing with oily hair is using a special shampoo, which is designed specifically for this type of hair and is gentle enough to be used on a regular basis. It also critical to rinse the shampoo thoroughly finishing with cold water.

    How to maintain dry and brittle hair

    The first thing to start with is an importance to pay attention to the shampoo you are using. If you are using a shampoo that is completely not suitable for your type of hair which is dry and brittle, then it will not only dry your hair even more, it will also cause irreparable damage to your scalp, which may turn flaky and lead to a lot of other issues. Mild shampoo that is specifically made for dry hair would be the best option to recommend. The one, that is fortified with essential oils that replace the lost moisture and nourishment of hair, is an ideal choice. A good conditioner also is very helpful and will make your dry skin much softer. At the end, after washing, it is recommended to keep damp hair in a turbaned towel for approximately fifteen minutes. Afterwards comb your hair with fingers in a gentle massage like movements, this will make the oil glands in your scalp more active. Then you could brush it in gentle movements as well. Once in every 2 weeks it will be very beneficial for the hair to get oil massages followed by a steamy, hot towel on your head in order to keep the dryness away.

    How to maintain thin and limp hair

    In this case it is also not recommended to brush your hair while it is wet, it is good to let it dry in a natural way and comb it with fingers (a blow dryer can increase the volume of your hair for some period of time, but on a regular basis it can have a negative outcome for our hair). After massaging your hair with your fingers you can then brush it straight from your scalp and shake it free. Thin and limp hair does not have a tendency to fall flat and dead. What you will need for this type of hair is a shampoo that will increase a volume, in other words a volume booster. The shampoo must be chosen carefully, as ordinary shampoos do not do much for this kind of hair. Look for a shampoo that is made especially for limp hair.

    How to treat split ends

    In most of the cases, split ends are caused when hairs cell fail to hold together. Split ends can be triggered by the exposure to harsh elements, chemicals or even excessive brushing. The right kind of shampoo could bring hair damage to the minimum. In addition, it is essential to replenish the hair with ceramides, which are hairs natural cement, and are responsible for holding the hair cells together. A shampoo enriched in ceramides will help repair hair fiber and reduce split ends.

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