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    2 Weeks Miracle - New Cream That Makes You Look Young

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    It is called the 2 Week Miracle, an anti-aging easy-to-use, exciting skin care collection of organic, preservative free elixirs and potions that promise to turn back time and make a woman feel years younger.

    All natural and without artificial fragrances or unnatural coloring, this is the first anti-aging program that claims to boldly go where no other cream has ever gone before - and turn back the hands of time in the most effective way. The program consists of four steps, each created to fight one particular sign of old age. The price of the product is £69, and it mainly is targeted for middle- to high-income ladies with the ages over 30, but the results it returns are reported to be really unbelievable. For the beginners, in contrast to similar products, this treatment will not only improve the appearance of wrinkles and superficial lines, but will also bring back some of the lustre that is characteristic to the complexion of a 20-year-old, according to reviewers.

    The manufacturer says that 2 Week Miracle is an advanced skin care range that acts to help prevent the first signs of fatigue as well as the appearance of wrinkles. The silver box includes, as it was mentioned above, four containers, each packaged in a very simple and classy way. You cleanse your face in a normal and regular way, and then follow four steps, twice a day, morning and night.

    Step number one is the Miracle Solution, which gently tones and clarifies the complexion. You put some solution on to a damp cotton pad then apply to the face and neck. Next in line is the Miracle Serum, which will "replenish, lift and renew skin against the aging process," or, in other words it regenerates new skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. You massage it gently into the face.

    Step number three is the Miracle Cream, which, smoothes skin's textures with moisture and nutrition, gradually filling in lines by stimulating collagen, elastin - a protein that is present in the skin - and hyaluronic acid, a substance present in the spaces between the cells of body tissue. And finally, here comes the Miracle Eye Contour, which acts on puffiness and dark circles around the eyes as well as corrects crow's feet and frown lines. The whole procedure requires less than 5 minutes. The creams smell natural, they do not clog, feel rich and are quickly absorbed by the skin.

    The 2 Week Miracle has been invented by Dermaheal, the same scientist who created the anti-aging skincare products for brands La Prairie and Dermalogica. These products contain peptides which are believed to moisturize and nourish the skin, imitating the speed of the processes in the skin of a 20-year-old. The 2 Week Miracle contains nearly 70 per cent natural herb extracts such as ginkgo biloba leaf, camellia sinesis leaf and liquorice root extract.

    In conclusion it can be said that the 2 Weeks Miracle is a distinctive, scientific-based skin care system that was created to provide a 100 per cent natural and preservative free skin care solution for its customers. It replenishes the mature and damaged skin with important components in order to support its healthy function and younger look. The 2 Weeks Miracle is the result of many years of extensive biomedical research, and has been tested by thirty two volunteers. The only misgiving for many customers might be the price of the treatment as its estimated yearly cost climbs to £1,800. However, according to individuals who have already enjoyed the pleasure of the product, it is totally worth its price.

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