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Frustrated Wannabe CRA

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Welcome to ENA kanyonikanja! Great to have you around here...


Just keep at it man, keep trying. I've learned that above and beyond anything else, education, GPA, experience, etc. that networking is what lands the job you want.


Do you know anyone who is in a position to vouch for your work? Any friends in the business? Old professors? You've got to get in somewhere, even if it means working for peanuts for a while in a lower position than that which you are qualified for. Find a little crack somewhere and keep chipping away at it, just like that guy in The Shawshank Redemption did...


But also work in parallel. Continue to do what you're doing and keep adding new avenues to try...for instance job fairs at colleges or other places.


What makes you stand out? Is it your grades? Your experience? Your persistence? Take what you've got and exploit the hell out of it.


From my experience, academia is a great place to break in. Can you go back for a Master's or Ph.D. and do some independent study work for a professor or research group with industry connections? Can you get paid for this and/or get credit for this? Perhaps a thesis out of it?

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