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I miss him so much

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Whilst the last thing you will want to hear is a string of Cliche's.....time will heal you and things will get better. I feel your pain oh so well S&A, and I know how deep that pain can go, almost into your very soul. However, in time you will start to see your inner strength shining through and in time, the pain will ease and you will move onwards and upwards. Better things will await you S&A, for that I promise xAx

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You know all I wanted was the same love and respect I gave to you...or maybe what I thought I gave to you......you meant so much to me while I had you in my life.....I thought about what you wanted over what I wanted......I guess when I realize that you are only thinking about you is when I will stop.....hopefully that is soon.....

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Aw. sending thoughts and hugs your way.


No contact is heartbreaking. I'm going throught it now myself.


However, I have given up hope that he will contact. That has seemed to help me a bit. I'm not let down when I don't see an email from him.

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Bunny has hit the proverbial nail on the head. No contact is your friend. Embrace it and go cold turkey. I understand you will have lots of questions you will want to ask him but you need to try and cut him out of your life emotionally and mentally. He has already removed himself pysically from it so now you must do what you can to try and block him out and that starts with No Contact for as long as you need.


Over the coming weeks and months you also need to make an effort to make yourself a busy bee, take up new hobbies or revisit old ones. Use the time of self healing as a way of almost bettering yourself. In time that will help you to become stronger person xAx

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don: He has made it to where I have no choice but NC...he changed his phone number and I have no way of contacting him what so ever.....I have done my best today to keep myself occupied, but he sneaks in there and occupies my thoughts....then I get anxious and wonder if he has thought of me...or if I ever meant anything to him....I can't seem to keep myself from trying my best from trying to find a way to know what is going on or have someone join in on my pity party of one......I am my worst enemy and can't seem to stop........


In my heart and mind I know what I need to do, just can't seem to get the rest of myself to join in and stop making ppl feel sorry for me...or make me feel better about myself when me myself won't even feel better about me......


It is a hard and painful thing I don't know if I am strong enough to do.....

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I know everyone is tired of my poor pity me parties....I am really doing my best to move on, just feel like I keep hitting brick walls ](*,) and don't know what to do now.....I want him...I know he is no good for me....I know he lied to me....I know he used me....I still love him.....I have his name on my back....I want him more than I have ever wanted anyone in my life.....


I am stuck and don't know how to change....I WANT and NEED him.....

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You're having a tough time hey.


Sorry hun, that sucks so bad I know.

I promise it'll get better.

I was where you are 2 months ago and i really thought it would never end.

Now I don't feel as bad, I can actually function and I never want to hear from her again.


Ooof, here's the bad news.

You're gonna have to accept that he aint comin around, that doesn't mean just reading that and sayin "okay Ive accepted that".

That means sitting down and fully coming to terms with the fact that it's over.

That means now you only have NC as your friend.

NC can be the best thing for you if you do it 100%.


Strike him from your memory now.

Don't take time to think of him.

Keep busy.


Stay strong okay.



I remember how s**t it was when I was in your shoes two months ago, WOW it was soooooo effing bad!

I thought about ending it all, straight up.


Im so happy I did NC as I never wouldve been able to get where I am without it, thats a promise.

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