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Speaking of careers..

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I am in need of some opinions from all of you here on eNotAlone!


I am currently working on my next novel. I have an idea for the storyline, but am not sure how well it would be accepted by readers. I mean, I think it's pretty damn good.


It centers around the outlaw of music sometime in the future. It's sort of like a crazy musician's take on Fahrenheit 451 (in which books and reading are banned). It was just an idea floating around in my head but I've had this crazy urge to write about it. I was also thinking about incorporating technology somehow and have this overall ban on technology and music. But I'm not so sure how it fits.


1) What would you do if music was outlawed?

2) What would you do it technology was outlawed?


Any feedback would be great.


And I also apologize if this is in the wrong catagory. XD

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cheers for the idea. im almost done with my book.



well music is life to me , kinda like how we need water to live...i need music.


I would probly be in prison if it was outlawed ottherwise id be dead...


technology? thats too outragous of an idea for me.



hey you should wite an x-men novel!

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