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  1. I’m not even going to lie he was doing this while we were dating too. Calling himself “ugly” accusing me of cheating so i just couldn’t do it … it got tiresome … but , everything was going good being FWB until a few days ago where he started up again
  2. I don’t mind being honest about me sleeping with others but i was honest and said no
  3. That wasn’t the deal. I’m okay with him seeing others but I’m honestly not dating or sleeping with others. But even when i was honest and told the truth that i wasn’t sleeping around he called me a liar and asked who was it … even though there wasn’t anyone
  4. He was drinking i didn’t pay it any mind until later on honestly
  5. We were dating it wasn’t working so we are on “cool terms” as of now
  6. Jealous of what exactly? i told him i wasn’t sleeping with anyone else (which is the honest truth) and he still said “i don’t believe you i know you’re messing with someone else”
  7. Does he have a right to be insecure even though he’s just a FWB
  8. Even before i told him no he said “i know you’ve been sleeping with others” so I’m not sure
  9. I feel like if you have to ask this question you guys need to separate
  10. I have a fairly new friends with benefits. We’ve been having casual sex since June. We are both busy and in school and I’m a lot busier than he is. Lately sex hasn’t really crossed my mind due to me working two jobs again and having less free time. Last night he texted me and said “i want to see you and have sex tonight” i responded with “no tonight’s not good” So he replied “i know you’re sleeping with other men but I’m coming tonight and why do i have to stay home ? See i knew it” Then i said “lol and my sex life isn’t your business” That’s when he said “ don’t laugh your crazy over me” And i said “nah it’s not like that” Him: “you aren’t crazy over me? Please let me know if you aren’t “ Then he calls me and asked me “is someone giving it to you better than me ?” I didn’t respond and he said “I’m being real who is it. Because I’ll leave you alone.” And i said “I’m not sleeping with anybody I’m busy with work and i don’t care whether you believe me or not” And he said “you know i don’t believe you” And i hung up the phone after that because myself life is personal TL;DR/ my friends with benefits is way too into my sex life and i think i should cut him off
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