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  1. Throw a party and don't invite her. Invite her friend who has a crush on you. Invite everyone you know, except her. If she tries to come, just say "Sorry invite only".
  2. I agree. What does it matter if your going to leave the job anyways? Plus, it's a bit strange that you don't have a particular favourite woman, your just trying your luck like shooting fish in a barrel. That's got to make a woman feel special (not). At least have a favourite to ask first. Word gets round fast if your just going to hit on all of them. Have a plan.
  3. It's got no written all over it. It just sounds weird.
  4. Is this a workmate? If I were you, I wouldn't read too much into it. Unless he's asking you out on a date, I wouldn't be daydreaming if he likes you or not. He will let you know. Just be yourself, because if he never asks you out, it won't matter.
  5. I think he's used to having you around too. Your not the maid. Also, if he just disappears in the supermarket on a regular basis, then it's something to think about. Most couples discuss what items in depth to purchase as a team. No does not sound like this is going to work now, or ever.
  6. Come on girl, he's looking for a quick thrill on the internet. He is the one that is in fantasy land. Time to wake up and see it for what it is, just a thrill and a ego boost. Your time is being wasted "hoping". He told you he had a girlfriend because he does not want you to come closer.
  7. It would seem to be selfish if you just expect him to react to you the way you want him too. He dosn't owe you anything. Now if he was your actual boyfriend, then his behaviour would be seen to be really uncool, and most people would tell you to just dump him.
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