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  1. Or maybe he's just scared. Not knowing their history, it does sound like there could be some kind of communication barrier. I know I'm often hesitant to be overly sexual with my girlfriend because women often do take us as animalistic when we act like that. I think the incarceration adds another dimension to this also.
  2. I've been there. Many times. I think a lot of us men have. What you need to remember is the more energy you focus into this, the more it will consume you. I take time away from relationships to develop new hobbies, work on personal goals or start reading again. I use the downtime to improve myself and hope that next time I will meet a woman who is perfect for me. There does seem to be a great cultural shift in the way we all approach relationships these days, especially in a post-covid world. It should be interesting to see how we all navigate romantic relationships going forward.
  3. I hope I can be more helpful to you than the last poster here. That did seem rude. There can be all kinds of reasons for your boyfriend seeming distant. I've known people in prison and it can do a number on someone psychologically. If you really want to be in this relationship, i suggest turning to some prison forums for support. There are other resources as well. People get into these relationships not really knowing all that it entails, emotionally, even financially sometimes. I wouldn't ask him about his sexuality. If you love him, don't pressure him too much. Just try to be patient with him.
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