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  1. Thank you for that and you are right, some ppl just never learn.
  2. I would agree. She’s made “in the moment” decisions in the past before (nothing of this level) and this just happens to be one of much greater level. Yup she doesn’t care at all about the ppl who have been her support system her whole life. Trading it all in for someone she just met.
  3. How does someone who’s known each other their entire life, been together 11 years (30 y/o both) leave a relationship and get divorced in under 3 months for someone you’ve known for a few months???? Burn all your bridges along the way including your own parents. Who in their right mind does that????? Yes this was a rant post
  4. Yeah the final business should be done soon hopefully. Only talking to her regarding that stuff anyways. Yeah I’m not going to completely throw them away by any means. They really don’t want to talk to her right now either. They definitely don’t want to see AP either. They have both blocked her number. Now since she’s their daughter, I’m sure they will eventually start talking but that’s their business.
  5. Not quite yet. Me and her still have some things to finish sorting out but I don’t speak with her unless need be. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to completely cut her parents out. They’ve seen me grow up since elementary school and almost like 2nd parents to me. Not saying I’m going to be having dinner with them once a week but not sure about completely cutting them off.
  6. We are already divorced. Happened a few weeks ago. When I post here don’t think I’m just sitting around waiting on her. More or so of me just venting when things come to mind. And how someone can fu** up their like so easily especially with someone who still lives at home with his parents
  7. Oh in her mind she didn’t cheat because she waited until she moved out and were “separated”. Like that makes a difference. 🙄 I find it hard to believe she was really unhappy. Nothing changed to the point of me noticing anything major. She didn’t stop doing anything or become unbearable to live with. Maybe a week or two before she moved out she was acting different
  8. Well she’s done burnt most of her bridge with her parents. They’ve blocked her from contacting them. Not sure what she said but my guess is it wasn’t good. Comfirmed he still lives at home with his parents and brother. In his 30’s....... She spent Christmas up there with him and his family for several days. She sure gave up a lot in her life for this guy who is an absolute loser 😂. She did get mad when I called him a loser LOL. I guess she thinks he’s the magic fix for her depression and anxiety attacks 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Yeah I can see what your saying. I really don’t think she’s been living for others. She can’t take criticism and she’s the only one who’s right. Even on other things throughout the years, she’d get mad if you disagreed with her. She has trouble keeping friends as well. I am or was her longest friend she’s had.
  10. Yeah the note is strange. That’s the 3rd time she’s told me that and she told her mom that once as well. Almost like she’s either leaving the door open for herself or thinking we can be friends somehow?? We can’t be friends right now, she’s the one who decided that she didn’t want me in her life anymore. I really don’t think she knows fully what she’s done at this point. It hasn’t even been 3 months since all this started
  11. Okay. Yeah we did get together young but we both dated other ppl before we actually got together. So it’s not like we’ve been together since middle school and never drifted apart before. She’s just on a different level right now. All her other relationships didn’t even last a year. She just keeps pushing herself away from everyone that’s been there for her all her life.
  12. I would agree that she doesn’t know herself right now. She said “I lost myself” but essentially blaming me for that. She does suffer from depression and takes medication daily for it. (Not using that as an excuse for what she did). I believe she may have been at a “low” and once she met him and started talking to him he brought her up to a “high” real quick and she’s confusing that for love. I do believe she’s gonna crash once this newness wears off and she sees what she’s really done. We’ve known each other for 25 years of our 30 years alive and you can’t just act like that didn’t happen. Plus she has disrupted her own family in such a way that she has no idea yet either. They don’t want anything to do with her new “man”. We all pretty much know how it’s gonna end but her. She’s definitely headed down a path of destruction but she thinks he “understands” her and she has such a deep connection with him despite only knowing him for a few months
  13. It’s the 3rd time she’s said that to me and the 4th time I’ve heard it (she told her mom that once). 1st time was when she moved all her stuff out, 2nd time was after our divorce hearing and this was the 3rd time
  14. So we had a bunny together (which we considered our child like everyone does with their pets lol) and she mailed me a bunch of photos she had printed out. Then put a note in there that said “kind thoughts and warm memories of our precious” and then ended with “as always, if you ever needed anything or me to do something, please let me know”. Why would you even write that?
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