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  1. Update: We were both completely honest with each other about where we think we can improve and both honest about how we have been feeling. We both agreed that we believe we can get back to how we used to be and our best with some effort on both parts so we have decided to give it another go. We also were quite civilised and said that we both need to be happy and that we can’t keep going back in to that same situation. So kind of agreed to give it one last shot, and if we still have major differences in future then we can’t keep going back and forth, we were both happy with this. Thanks everyone for their advice and help, it helps me a lot to talk and gain people’s different opinions.
  2. Thank you everyone, all taken on board. I am meeting her this evening so am just going to be completely honest with how I feel, and will see how it goes, it’s the best I can do
  3. Should I just be completely honest and say this to her then? And tell her my feelings aren’t the same as they once were and then see how she wishes to proceed?
  4. I was lacking effort to make any plans or organise anything really, but it has been extremely busy with work commitments and both living with parents etc. Had a lack of quality time just the two of us so perhaps that’s why feelings have dwindled. The lack of effort from me is the main reason for the failing relationship as well as her pushiness on some issues such as moving in with me when I finish building my house etc. I am thinking of giving it another shot, and making a conscious effort to make plans together just the two of us and hopefully my feeling can come back. I haven’t lost t entirely and still love her, but just the spark has gone of late I feel. I am also a massive over thinker. Feel it is better to really give it a proper go now and then if the feelings don’t return as they once were then I know for sure that it isn’t meant to be, rather than just call it off now and perhaps never know. thanks for your help
  5. That’s very true, I acted with a lack of effort on my part recently as I just was not feeling as in to it. I really wish I could change how I feel and make more effort as I know how happy we have been previously, but is this an impossible task?
  6. Thanks for the response. I feel that if I am honest and say I’m not 100% sure what I want then it will just end with her saying she can’t do this any longer and that will be it
  7. Hi all i have posted previously about my relationship and posted when I was considering breaking up with my girlfriend. to recap quickly, I was considering breaking up as we were on different pages and the last couple of months have not been as in to it and giving her as much love back as what she gives me. I decided to break up with her on the weekend, and it was very upsetting on both parts, and then the next day I felt huge regret and drove to see her and explained I was sorry and wished for it back. After an emotional couple of days we decided it’s best to give each other some space and time to get our heads together and we are meeting up tomorrow evening to sort things one way or another. She has said I need to be 100% sure it is what I want for her to go back in to it, which is completely fair and understandable. As much as I want to say that to her and tell her I’m 100% I still have a nagging gut feeling that it is not right. I’m not sure if I am just overthinking the whole thing or it is best to go our separate ways? I know we can be great together but only if I am truly ready to be as loving and in to it as her. my question is: tomorrow we need to come to some sort of decision on how to proceed as it’s not healthy to go on like we have been. Shall I be completely honest and say I’m not actually 100% sure of what I want right now? Or shall I try again? I know the problem was me and my effort and my loving in the relationship.. Thanks all
  8. Hi all i recently posted about my partner and I being on different pages in terms of where we are at in terms of commitment. Since then, I have found myself questioning whether i really do want it as much as my partner and have since had a bad gut feeling around it all. im considering breaking things off, because it just doesn’t feel right anymore and I don’t feel the same desire and commitment to my partner as she would like. I’m finding myself not wanting to make future plans anymore. she is really great and has been lovely but it just doesn’t feel right now for whatever reason. Am I being hasty or is it understandable? I’m scared of upsetting her but feel it is worse to stay in something I’m not wanting to fully be in.
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies, it’s greatly appreciated. I am building my own home and will be complete in the next couple of months. She is also upset that I am not asking her to move in right away and I have said I want to live alone for a while to begin with because I have never done that and always lived at home with my parents. She also seems upset about that. She believes we are now on different pages. I am happy with the speed we are going at and want to keep it steady. I do understand her point though if she feels that way.
  10. Hi all so basically I’ve been with a girl for 9 months, and it’s been going well. We see each other mainly on weekends due to work commitments and both living at home still. I’m 26 and she is 23. A few days ago, my girlfriend started saying she knows she wants to be with me forever and marry me eventually etc. To which I said I see a future with her but don’t know for sure if I want to be with her forever as it’s still only been 9 months and not ready to say that yet. she seems to think we are on different pages now and I’m not in to it as much. What does everyone think about this? am I not committed enough? thanks in advance
  11. I think it's a case of live and learn. You made a mistake, but telling Peter only passes the guilt on. It wont fix anything. It may have been wrong but you did not cheat as you were not fully committed. You need to forgive yourself and in time it will get easier. Everybody makes mistakes, it is how we deal with them and learn from them in the future that defines us. Concentrate your effort on your new flourishing relationship and try to worry less!
  12. I agree with you, I just feel bad for leaving it on a bad note and her thinking bad of me, in what before this was a amicable break up. I sent her a text to finish to explain as I mentioned previously and I wished her well. she has not responded
  13. I guess I was just looking for more answers, where the answers were there all along. and as you mentioned, not going away any time soon
  14. It's the same girl that asked about a threesome yes. she never cheated, I never wrote that on here.. We dated since December so only a few months
  15. I have been in such a situation previously and it did not work out. Someone in that position is obviously not ready to be in another relationship, and these small actions are proving that to you
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