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  1. Hi all i recently posted about my partner and I being on different pages in terms of where we are at in terms of commitment. Since then, I have found myself questioning whether i really do want it as much as my partner and have since had a bad gut feeling around it all. im considering breaking things off, because it just doesn’t feel right anymore and I don’t feel the same desire and commitment to my partner as she would like. I’m finding myself not wanting to make future plans anymore. she is really great and has been lovely but it just doesn’t feel r
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies, it’s greatly appreciated. I am building my own home and will be complete in the next couple of months. She is also upset that I am not asking her to move in right away and I have said I want to live alone for a while to begin with because I have never done that and always lived at home with my parents. She also seems upset about that. She believes we are now on different pages. I am happy with the speed we are going at and want to keep it steady. I do understand her point though if she feels that way.
  3. Hi all so basically I’ve been with a girl for 9 months, and it’s been going well. We see each other mainly on weekends due to work commitments and both living at home still. I’m 26 and she is 23. A few days ago, my girlfriend started saying she knows she wants to be with me forever and marry me eventually etc. To which I said I see a future with her but don’t know for sure if I want to be with her forever as it’s still only been 9 months and not ready to say that yet. she seems to think we are on different pages now and I’m not in to it as much. What does everyone
  4. I think it's a case of live and learn. You made a mistake, but telling Peter only passes the guilt on. It wont fix anything. It may have been wrong but you did not cheat as you were not fully committed. You need to forgive yourself and in time it will get easier. Everybody makes mistakes, it is how we deal with them and learn from them in the future that defines us. Concentrate your effort on your new flourishing relationship and try to worry less!
  5. I agree with you, I just feel bad for leaving it on a bad note and her thinking bad of me, in what before this was a amicable break up. I sent her a text to finish to explain as I mentioned previously and I wished her well. she has not responded
  6. I guess I was just looking for more answers, where the answers were there all along. and as you mentioned, not going away any time soon
  7. It's the same girl that asked about a threesome yes. she never cheated, I never wrote that on here.. We dated since December so only a few months
  8. I have been in such a situation previously and it did not work out. Someone in that position is obviously not ready to be in another relationship, and these small actions are proving that to you
  9. Hi guys, I posted previously about an ex and how we broke up around 3 weeks ago due to long distance and also age factors and having different goals right now. I was doing well with the break up and accepted it well, but she randomly text me out of the blue the other day to see how I was doing, and was asking if I now hate her etc and how she would be open for meeting again further down the line if I was ever in Asia where she lives again.. my first reaction was quite short but after a couple of texts I said I'd be open to meet her in Asia one day maybe, once I said this she kind of just ende
  10. Thank you for all of your replies. It has helped me put my mind at ease somewhat, I guess this one was just not meant to be. Thanks again
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. We had big differences with religion, culture also. I am not saying that these could not have been overcome, but I feel all added up it just wasnt meant to be. I am looking for something long term at this stage and my ex girlfriend mentioned she still wants to live in different cities across the world etc, which I have already done. it really is a bummer
  12. Hi everyone I posted previously about a long distance relationship that I was in. I was unsure about it due to not meeting for too long before we committed and distance then got between us. I am 26 years old and my now ex girlfriend is 19 years old. I live the other side of the world and was finding the long distance difficult and I also felt we were at different stages of our lives as I was a little older and wanting to settle soon. My ex girlfriend would not finish her university course until December this year. When together last we also argued a bit when living in the same space
  13. Hi all To give some background I left to travel in October 2019 and when away met a girl who I spent a lot of time with and ended up visiting her in Singapore and we are now together. I am back living in the UK. It was great to begin with but the last couple of weeks in Singapore we started to argue. Since being in the UK we have got on well considering the distance and it's been ok. However, I recently bumped in to a girl from my home town who I used to date, and they spoke to me and explained how they miss me and want to be with me and to give it a proper go (we both travelled at differe
  14. It is not distance now as I have been with her but need to head back to my country on 2 weeks for work so will be Long distance then. It is the same girl yes
  15. Hi all I have been with my girlfriend for around 3 months after meeting when away travelling. First of all we met and hang out every day for around a week, and then she flew back to where i was travelling to see me again for another week. I then met her in her home city and have spent the last 3 weeks here with her. Before now, it has always been great and we showed no signs of arguing or clashing etc, however the last week or so since being in her home city she has become very up and down and very snappy, and then later very loving again. She spoke to me about it and said that she has
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