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  1. Thank you, seriously that helps put it into perspective
  2. I can tell you now, there far from easy, bloody painful
  3. Hey no need to be sorry at all, I genuinely feel for you. Sorry that I triggered all those horrid memories for you. My situation in s%£t and we've brought it on by ourselves- I suppose this pain in kalma for me
  4. Mabe so but a holiday is just that and it won't last? We've been together through 2 Dummer holidays now
  5. Yes I know, I'm do sorry you were subjected to all thst abuse - sincerely
  6. I've not met the kids, or family (obviously) She says she doesn't know how to do it
  7. Yes possibly and I totally understand that. Keep positive, yes he made mistakes but I'm sure he loved you unconditionally
  8. Nightmare by name, have you no compassion my friend
  9. I feel for you and sorry re your dad and aunts passing . I get this has turned your whole life upside down and i am sorry for that. No situations are the same and I'm not proud
  10. So she should stay with someone she doesn't love for the kids? Surely there better off with 2 happy parents apart than 2 at each others throats
  11. Yes I've not told them because I am ashamed but we are genuinely in love
  12. We met at the gym initially then became good friends
  13. I was in a 21 Yr relationship, I have 2 children 20 and 24 whom live on there own now
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