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  1. Nice sports Lebron lost on saturday and the Cardinals lost on Sunday I hope the Panthers can beat Denver in the SB
  2. The eagles defense allowed 20 pts from a weak offense so you know what will happen next week with the Cardinals and Carson Palmer
  3. The eagles funeral looks to be on dec 26th, saturday night. Skins should win the NFC east that night
  4. Thats why he made me sick last week, beating the skins and helping a team like the eagles stay alive
  5. Cassel should not be on the Cowboys roster next season
  6. Small part of me thinks the eagles win will win the division
  7. Well my most hated rival is the eagles, a team they helped get back in the race for first place.
  8. Neither team is going to the playoffs
  9. I didnt sleep all night because I did not expect the eagles to beat the pats. Shock of the season.
  10. I know because I was in complete shock when I saw the Lakers were beating the Wizards by 14
  11. Sixers are desperate and have been playing hard the last five games. I think they beat Lakers by 10 or more
  12. The warriors are still undefeated after beating the jazz to move to 19-0 Sixers are still winless after losing another game last night to fall to 0-18 Sixers play the Lakers tomorrow
  13. stable job that will allow me to save money and look for something else just as stable
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