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  1. Where does this mythical creature live? Is he betrothed? Methinks I want to marry him.
  2. The sorts of techniques you've outlined Victoria are also very useful for one of the most common issues that comes up on this site. - Difficulty in dealing with the tumult of emotions that come up after a break up. So many people write in about being unable to cope, having obsessive thoughts, being out of control with texting, calling and contacting exes, thinking the bad feelings will last forever, etc, etc. They don't know how to self soothe'. What you've described is 'a practice' and many people prefer to just wallow in all of their 'stuff'. You do need to focus on a practice, and
  3. No, no no, no, no no. Relationships, especially in the first stages should be fun! Not tears, acrimony, demands, arguments, jealousy, drama, fights and sexual manipulation. What he feels for you is NOT love. I get that it's your first 'relationship'. I used invented commas because really, it wasn't a relationship ......it was hell. It was only 3 months for heavens sake - not 3 years. You don't owe this guy anything, and you certainly shouldn't be feeling guilty. Please take a step back. You sound like a sensible person - you were sensible enough not to have sex with him and then
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