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  1. I think you guys are right. Some things shouldn't be forced and are not meant to be. She messaged me this morning wanting to exchange all our things today. So I accept this is truly the end.
  2. I had a previous thread on the first time she dumped me. She eventually said it was because I'm not honest with my feelings. Which was true as I was putting her feelings in front of mine because I was scared of losing her. She appreciated when I opened up my feelings and we got back together. It's not a big deal to me but she also did not want to label us BF/GF even though we were exclusive, she said that's a big deal to her and didn't like me introducing her as my GF to a friend or tagging her on social media. I think she is Narcissistic. One of my problems is projecting my feelings on someone. Like for some reason she picked up a snail at my place and made it her pet for a couple days. My dog knocked over her little cage a few days ago and everything spilled on the floor when she was at school. I released her snail outside. She was upset that I did that without checking with her as stuff that might mean nothing to me did not mean it would be nothing to her.
  3. My 5 month GF broke up with me suddenly 4 weeks ago, and 2 weeks ago she reached out and we moved pretty fast and were with each other 10 days until Wednesday. Thursday I tried reaching out because I wanted to see her again and she said things were moving pretty fast and she needs time to think. Today she reached out and wanted to meet for a drink. I felt a breakup coming because she said she wants to talk about us and to meet her at a nice bar instead of me picking her up on the way and for me to be mentally prepared. She basically said how a lot of my behavior made her feel uncared for and that we are two different people and doesn't think she could be with someone like me as our standards are different. She is easily the most entitled person I have ever met, but she has improved herself over time. I tried being understanding with what she had to say, but I think we also have a language barrier issue since she started learning English 4 years ago and I think she took what I said the wrong way. I drove her home after and she said she felt our meeting was a waste of time like nothing changed. I said earlier that my behavior is something I have to work on my own. I am also seeing a therapist for the first time next week to help with myself. She got in a heated conversation with me and expected me to say that I will change for her when we were back at the bar, she seemed to think that working on myself on my own didn't mean I would change for the better for her. We talked for a bit more in the car about our misunderstandings and said our goodbyes. Neither of us want a toxic relationship and I am all for positive change, but I know it takes time. Our pasts are very different and I accept her. I still want to try to compromise and make it work, but I also don't want to force it. She is a very special person to me that I never fully gave my heart to because of pain in my last relationship. I can accept if we are not meant to be, but I still am not ready to give up. I feel really confused at what I should do.
  4. Not the case for us. I don't want to do it on her period but she doesn't mind. I didn't know until after since it was dark. We're pretty active outside of her period days, usually we do it 2-4 times a day we are with each other.
  5. Thank you everyone. I really had to take a step back and see how poorly I've been treated. I have been really blinded because I've never connected physically with anyone better. I just let things slide too much and lie to her and myself by being silent, then our issues seem to all manifest at once. You're all right, I have been too nice and a doormat. I don't plan on reaching out to her anymore, but I do have things we need to exchange as my laptop is at her place.
  6. I know what you mean. She's foreign and her culture is very different where the men always take the lead and treat women well, but I shouldn't let it get to the point where she doesn't have respect for me. She was staying at my apartment that time and didn't have a jacket with her.
  7. She's 28, foreign, and grew up in a wealthy family and always had rich boyfriends in her past, she's self-proclaimed spoiled and has been working on that. Last time she was upset was a couple weeks ago I forgot to bring a jacket for her to a restaurant that was too cold for her and she eventually got to where she said she needs space for a couple days to review our relationship.
  8. My girlfriend and I have been together about 4.5 months and we just got back from our first trip together a few days ago, which things went great. I left her place Sunday morning to mine as I needed to take care of my dog and things (we live 45 mins away). We had great sex that morning but she also just started her period that morning and she called me 2 hours after I was back at my place to complain about her really painful period cramps. I wanted to comfort her so I went to go see her and for her to let me know anything she would need on the way. I found 2 of the 3 three items for her, as the third was sold out, as well as some food to cook. She was lukewarm when I got to her place as I didn't bring her third item and I got food to cook that she didn't really want. Things just kept going downhill. I walked a few blocks to the restaurant that had pumpkin cake she was craving, they didn't have it and I knew she wanted something sweet so I got her a brownie. She was upset that I got her something that I like and not something she wanted. We tried looking for dessert places open and we started driving to another place 20minutes away. She was really irritable in the car complaining about me not washing the inside and to cut in front of another driver, but I just stayed silent to avoid any further conflict. When we got to the place she didn't want to get out and wanted to go back home saying there was nothing I could do for her now and just to drop her off. I felt really bad at my failed effort to comfort her and apologized over text that night. Today she responded and didn't take my apology well and brought up other issues. I tried addressing what she was upset with, but then she said she had enough and said she can't see herself continuing the relationship with me. This is my first time seeing her on a bad day for her like this and I know I did everything wrong. I'm really falling for this girl and don't want to lose her, but it seemed like she just gave up on us in 1 day and thinks I always do things against her.
  9. I agree with you. And for the last part it was a longer story but the short story is I don't mind if it's a guy friend she can really trust and if he's not attractive (i know her type), we also have a strong mutual trust and are really open together about our previous relationships.
  10. She's younger but only by 5 years and I'm in my early 30s. I don't think there was a language barrier when she said 'see other people', but we have had a language barrier before when she asked if I was ok if she sleeps with another guy. I thought sex but she literally just meant to sleep over her guy friend's house who she trusted would not try and have sex with her. I probably do need to tell her how I'm invested in the relationship, but I'm think she is because a few weeks ago she mentioned she deleted all her instagram selfies because of the attention from other guys she doesn't want. I doubt she is the person to use someone for a green card, she is definitely a free spirit and wants to wait a few years before the thought of settling. Her culture had arranged marriages and she is very against that back home.
  11. We've been dating for 3 months, have had no fights/arguments, our personalities go well together, lots of great sex. But there are some issues. She is a foreign exchange student trying to do a career change in the US as she doesn't like her family controlling her back home. She finishes her degree in 4 months and doesn't know yet where she will get accepted for her master's program, so our future is kind of a gamble since I'm already established here. We have talked about where we see ourselves in the future and we both have similar goals of marriage/kids. She said she would stay in my area/with me if she knew it was worth it. She also said she would permanently move to the US if she gets her masters and a job. Our lifestyles are a bit different in the things we like doing, but I don't expect to be a perfect match with anyone. I'm more of a homebody and she likes going out a lot with friends. So she brought up if we've ever been out and if I felt uncomfortable at certain places, which I did mention a couple of times when we went to places that I'm not really used to. Then she said I'm a great guy and she would understand if I wanted to see other people if I'm feeling more uncomfortable then not when I'm with her. I said that's not the case and I'm just not used to going out to certain places. This was a couple days ago, and now I have a lot of doubtful feelings in my new relationship. In my mind things are going so well that I'm not even thinking of moving on to someone else. Now I'm wondering if she put doubt in my mind on purpose or is not that invested in the relationship. I don't think she's just using me for fun because we went out around 10 dates and I met a few of her friends before we first had sex.
  12. Nope haven't heard back in 2 days, I think I'll reach out again in a couple days as it can't hurt. I won't ask her out again as a first message but I'll see how keen she responds.
  13. Met this girl through a dating app last week on Thursday, after a few messages I set a dinner date for Saturday night. The date seemed like it went great to me (she gave compliments about me be funny and intelligent) , we didn't end with a kiss but when I dropped her off she asked about going out again. I texted her the following evening about I had a fun time meeting her and a little inside joke. She texted me back the following morning (Monday) about how she had a great time too and wished me a good day. So I asked for a second date yesterday to go bowling and what day she's free, but haven't heard from her. Do I even follow up again for a second date before I write her off? If so should I wait a couple more days/ a week... and what would be a good follow up text?
  14. I guess I was a fool all along, when in doubt about things go with your gut. Had a great time out to dinner with her on Thursday. Tons of laughing and a great time catching up. When I dropped her off at her place we just ended with a hug, no real opportunity to show that she wanted to be kissed. she texted me if i got back home and said thanks for taking her out. I texted her again today trying to setup another date, but got ignored even though she has been active on social media and now posting that she has a new boyfriend. I felt pretty disgusted as it's some guy she met on her deployment. So much for her saying she wasn't looking to date anyone after she dumped me at the end of February. After all I did for her, this really stings knowing that she's with another guy. I was a good loyal boyfriend to her while she was gone for almost 8 months, taking care of her dogs and doing everything. I don't plan on ever taking to her again. I guess I wish them the best and I know I deserve someone that treats me right.
  15. I wouldn't keep apologizing. It was your fault that made her change the terms about the relationship, but you don't have to agree to those terms. She could have forgiven you, but she didn't. If you didn't already, delete said video. Then text her one more time saying this just being friends thing isn't working out for you and move on, but leave the door open by saying if you change her mind about dating again then give me a call. Either you'll find someone better or after a while she'll start missing you and hit you up, then make a fun date and catch up doing something fun.
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