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    Steven Robinson

    Man Slammed for Asking Date to Send Picture of Random Body Part

    John Maverick was looking for love in all the wrong places – or, more accurately, he was looking for things he shouldn't have. In a moment of misguided desperation, the single and lonely 25-year-old asked his date to send him a picture of a random body part. The request could have gone unnoticed had it not been for his date’s social media call-out, condemning Maverick with a flurry of moral outrage.

    It all began when Maverick and his date, who we will refer to as Ms. J, went out to dinner. Things progressed normally until they finished their meal when Maverick suddenly asked if Ms. J would send him “a pic of some random body part, nothing too crazy”. An awkward silence followed as Maverick sheepishly waited for a response. Ms. J could hardly believe what she had heard and replied “I'm sorry, what?” feeling a mix of shock and confusion. After stumbling over a few excuses and feeble attempts at justifying his request, Maverick gave up, knowing he had crossed the line. All he wanted was to get out of this awkward encounter as soon as possible.

    Soon after, Ms. J took to Twitter to vent her frustrations, detailing the evening’s events from her perspective with a scathing hashtag: boybye. Unsurprisingly, the post went viral and Maverick was met with a tidal wave of backlash from social media users appalled by his actions. Many called him out for being a “creep” and for having the lack of respect to ask such an inappropriate request of his date. Maverick’s shame was only further compounded when his mother chimed in, making her public disapproval of his behavior known to all.

    Social media justice had been served and many praised Ms. J for standing up for herself and drawing attention to a subject so often kept silent in fear of judgement or embarrassment. With one night and two tweets, Maverick learned an important lesson about how powerful words can be, both good and bad. Not only had he lost a potential partner, he had also made a fool of himself, a mistake he vowed never to make again.

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