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  1. I met a relatively attractive girl (the most attractive one yet for me), 20 years old. She behaves very much like my first girlfriend from back in 2012: She is very insecure and a bit needy (or at least makes me believe she is), and if I disappear from whatsapp for a few hours, she'll come back texting me. She even complained when I didn't send her a good morning text. Like my first ever GF did. At first she didn't seem to want to date me... But I pushed her... and she agreed to meet me. We scheduled a date for next saturday (starting to see a pattern here with saturdays...) A roadblock on my side appeared: Me and my family have a road trip scheduled for the weekend. And they only told me about it now. So I told her I had a road trip and asked if we could meet earlier... Well apparently I'm nowhere near a priority for her, so she thinks it's fine if we meet on the next saturday... 2 friggin' weeks from now. She is making absolutely no effort to see me. It's literally just a 25 minute walk for me to meet her. I have no time or patience for this -- for the first time ever in my life I've grown some balls and started valuing my time and having some self-respect. She even had the audacity of asking me if I "would wait for her" -- meaning not meet anybody else in these two weeks (***? Seriously?).
  2. ok so I matched with a guy on hinge the week of Christmas. we actually live in 2 different countries but the distance is relatively close (45 min plane ride) so we decided we'd get to know each other a bit and see if that leads to us making plans to see each other. Things were going along casually, we'd text pretty regularly. I work a regular 8-4 job while he works a night shift of 7pm-7am so our schedules didn’t really align for much time to talk except in between him getting off from work or getting ready to go to work and then on the days he would not be scheduled to work. I'm pretty realistic in my approach with online dating so I usually assume a guy's talking to me and a few other girls and going on dates etc., so I don’t have crazy expectation early on. I do like people to keep their word though and I had been in a few past situationships and relationships where guys said one thing and did another so I will admit my patience has become a bit shorter over time. Anyway to the point of my "story" and main question. This guy and I had been texting and occasionally facetiming for about 2 weeks and he was pretty good about communicating considering our distance. His usual day off is Mondays and because there was another holiday coming up in my country I would’ve been off on this particular Monday as well. So, the Saturday prior I asked him to make plans to facetime with me on Monday so we would have more time to talk instead of just in between him getting ready for work. He said sure. Monday comes around and unlike all the other days when he usually is texting a lot I don’t hear from him at all. He would typically text good morning anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours after he gets off work and have some conversation before he went about his day, but that day I didn’t hear from him until after 9pm (i go to bed around 9:30 usually to get up early to start my day). He says "hey sorry I didn’t hit you up all day, after work I went to the gym and then I’ve been asleep all day. Now I’m about to go watch the college championship game with my friends". Now I wasn’t upset that I hadn’t heard from him all day because he’s an adult he can do what he wants, but I was kinda upset about the way he seemed to be saying that he was unavailable or didnt want to talk without being upfront. He didn’t make any mention of the previous plans to facetime and didn’t even ask when I would be free to talk at another time. So out of frustration I guess and also from the fear of not wanting to set myself up for disappointment I told him "if you wanted to talk to me you would've the same way you made plans with your friends and you're showing up for that. you can delete my number". He asked if I was serious and after my last response letting him know that I felt like he wasn’t interested and we didn’t need to waste each other's time he didn’t have anything to say. Did I overreact? I will say I’m a sensitive person and though I try to keep a level head its difficult sometimes especially because in the past guys would fall through on plans with me and I used to just let it slide until things boiled up and hit the fan. I also feel like since we are in two different countries and the only way to communicate is via text or calling then that should be taken with a bit more seriousness than if we lived in the same place. it's not like he was my boyfriend. in neutral perspective we are just two strangers from the internet talking on the phone. But now that it's been about a week I do feel a little regret about my behavior. What do you think? Did I overreact? Would it be worth it to even reach out to him? (although I bet he’s already blocked my number and has already forgotten about me haha) I hate being an empath, I process everything so slowly and take all these small things to heart too much. Anyway thanks for reading this far
  3. Hello, I have planned to text to my crush for the first time, since I am going to get his number but I am afraid of giving her a bad impression, I plan to tell her: Hi, I'm… we were at the same school and I always wanted to meet you And I don't know what else to add to her, at high school I always wanted to talk to her, but I always was nervous so I never spoke to her, now that I can get her number I'm afraid of giving her a bad impression. I would also like you to advise me what to answer if she asks me: Why do you want to meet me? How did you get my number? Among other hypothetical questions ... And well I'm definitely going to talk to her, I don't want to regret never having to spoken to her, she is a spectacular girl, since I saw her something attracted me to her and unfortunately I never spoke to her because I always scared of talk to her since I was an immature teenager but I have grown up and I want to take that step to meet her. And sorry English is not my mother language.
  4. Hey it's Tiny! 36-year-old woman. Live alone in an apartment owned by my parents and renting from them the past seven 7.5 years. Working as a disability and mental health support worker for eight years. Have a Bachelor of Psychology and two community college diplomas in mental health and disability. I'm looking for marriage and to have kids. I've had a number of serious relationships but they were all only two years or just over two years. I lived with one partner and was engaged to him. Now have been single for 1.5 years or so. This guy messaged me on a paid dating website which is meant to be for serious relationships. He's 30 years old and he works full-time for a big computer company where he assembles computers from scratch. Before that he worked as an IT technician support person in schools for eight years. He's renting a house by himself. He's a nerdy guy that's really into video games, Star Wars, Marvel movies, things like that. We video called for two hours because a COVID lockdown started. He seemed nice in the video call and we continued messaging each other online. He was messaging me every day but he didn't bombard me or anything. Like, if I stopped replying that day he didn't message more either. Unfortunately we were confined to only talking online for two weeks due to lockdown. When lockdown eased off we went out for dinner and saw a movie at the cinema. Afterwards we went for a drink and then just talked in the carpark for a long time because everything closed. He seemed nice but I found the conversation a little awkward but wasn't sure if he was just shy and nervous. I was actually nervous myself because it all got kind of built up by talking every day for two weeks and I was anxious that it might not go well in person. He'd been telling me a fair bit about his family online and on the night as well. I just asked jokingly if he'd told his family that he was coming out with me. He said he did and that his Mum was happy and excited. I was like, oh why? And he actually admitted that he had never dated anyone before! He said he sort of had a thing with a girl he knew from school but she messed him around or something. I didn't know if he'd had sex before or anything because I didn't ask. I asked him if he hadn't dated anyone because he was shy. He said yes due to that and also that he always worked full-time in male dominated environments and he wasn't into going out clubbing and partying. I mean, he didn't seem weird or looked bad or anything so I found all this very surprising. Then we continued talking online and he had caught up with his Dad and his sister. And he said that his Dad said hi to me. Then he also said his sister said that when COVID restrictions ease further that we should go to her place for dinner. I said thank you for the invitation but I want to get to know him more first before I meet his family. He actually seemed embarrassed and kind of back tracked and was like: "Oh, my sister just meant in general in the future that we could come for dinner eventually. I think she was just trying to be nice." It was definitely coming through though that he has no dating experience because of how full-on he was acting. Also I'm not sure what exactly he told his family about me. Like, did he say we are actually dating or are in a relationship? We met in person only once. I'd like to give him a chance but I'm worried that his lack of relationship experience could be a problem. I mean, I had my first relationship when I was 16 years old and now I'm 36. I've dated a lot and hooked up a lot and done all that stuff. Now I'm ready to really settle down and start a family. I'm just not sure if someone who's never been with anyone is a good candidate for that. For one thing if someone wanted to be with me or marry me, I'd want to be sure they actually want ME as a person. Not because they're 30 and I'm the first person they ever had. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty, I'm nice and bubbly and smart. I'm a bit overweight but it hasn't really been a problem because I'm more so chubby, I'm not huge. So I know I'm likeable but I also feel a bit like there would be that niggling feeling that the person is only choosing me because they've never had anyone else. Any thoughts on this? Do you think I should give him a chance? I like him and do want to know him more but I'm just worried...
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