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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How Can I Revive My Long-Distance Relationship?

    Dear eNotAlone: I was dating my boyfriend for almost two years, we had a really strong connection and somehow we could always understand what the other one was feeling. We were in love and very happy. However, he recently told me that he can no longer keep on living like this anymore and he wants to end the relationship. After a month of him trying to figure out his life, he said that the main reason he wanted to break up is because it is simply just too hard to keep going with a long-distance relationship.

    My heart aches when I think of it, and all I want to do is reach out to him and talk, but then I'm scared that he wouldn't even accept my call or message. I feel so lost and helpless at the same time. He is someone that I can't imagine my life without, yet I have to keep living it without him.

    I don't know what to do, how can I revive our relationship, or how can I make our long-distance love work? Is there any advice that anyone can give me?

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    No matter the reason for the breakup, trying to revive your relationship can be difficult. But the first thing to remember is that you must put yourself first. It might seem like a challenge if you are still in love with your partner, which is totally understandable. But if you take the time to focus on loving and taking care of yourself first and foremost, you will find the strength and courage to move forward, whatever the outcome.

    That being said, long distance relationships can be very difficult to maintain, as it can sometimes feel like too much of a strain on both individuals. You need to sit down and honestly evaluate if the relationship is worth the effort, if it's something you both want and if it's really what is best for both of you.

    If the answer is yes, the following tips may prove helpful:

    First of all, determine how often you two can realistically spend together. If it's not possible to meet each week, try and make sure that you still connect and share daily. This can be done through video chats, texting, emails, FaceTime, and more. In addition, plan visits every so often. Knowing when and where you will reunite will give you both something to look forward to. Be realistic and positive when making plans.

    It's also important to create new memories together in the destination you planned. Doing activities you both like can help you bond, just like when you're together in person. Taking the time to share experiences strengthens the connection you feel despite the distance.

    Communication is key. Make sure to listen intently to the other person and express your feelings in a healthy way. Arguing is inevitable, but being able to compromise and finding solutions together will help maintain the relationship.

    A long distance relationship only has a chance to work if both parties are willing to put in the effort into maintaining it. Communicate how you feel, make plans together, create new memories, and make sure to take time for yourself. take things one step at a time and be patient. Under these circumstances, you can triumph over distance and make it work.

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