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  1. This is somewhat a relationship situation I've been involved in... Okay so me and her met June 25th, 2021 on the bus, I got her email, went home and celebrated that I had a girls email and all that. So an hour later she emailed me back and we emailed back and forth that evening. Next day we met up downtown and walked to get coffee then back to my place. We had talked on the phone daily up until 3 nights ago. We love coffee so each time we hung out would be coffee and always talking. I would joke around with her and what not too. She would be concerned for me too at times when I presented my concerns. We had sleepovers at her place, with no sex eh? I often wondered when her and I would have sex. She would tell me, "I am not gonna have sex with you." Multiple times she had said that, I respected her decisions each time. We would kiss and cuddle at night and what not too. She would tell me she loved me through text many times and on the phone and in person we hung out. But this past Wednesday evening she cancelled on me last second with a not good enough reason why she would not discuss it with me. So we talked on the phone about it, she said her "friend" said something to her that upset her, and she ended the phone call saying we would talk the next day. She then tells me her guy friend upset her. So here is what I think, that I was the guy that was caught in the middle of drama in which I wanted no part of it. She then tells me last night that her guy friend would not date her and that she loves me instead. So was I the guy that was to be her last choice? She does know I take my studies very seriously and I am a goal orientated man who studies hard and when I get my degrees in February 2022 I can have a career of my choice and buy nice things for myself and her potentially if I felt like it. So Thursday morning before she can exhaust her ways to get a hold of me, I texted her a lengthy text saying that I am ending the relationship with her. I thought to myself of what a relief it was to have ended that relationship. I still think if I answer the phone and actually talk to her, it won't be the same to commit to her again, and a sexless relationship is not something I would not want to be apart of. Am I a coward for ending the relationships on my assumptions and gut feeling? She said she was not lying to me, but I would have to deny her, being on "camping trips" randomly. There are a number of suspicions I did have about her behaviour at times, like going to meet a "guy friend" and have lunch with him at a restaurant and what not, to be honest I fell out of love with her and I can't go back. I then saw some gorgeous women who have been checking me out lately and I might want to pursue more than one woman at the moment with the possibility of landing a quality relationship. I just hope this ex girlfriend of mine just forgets about me and moves on, as I've done the same to her without any much backlash. I am glad to be single again, 4 days before I met my ex girlfriend, I swore off dating and relationships for myself. Am I willing to do it again? Not necessarily full blown "swear it off" and never do it again, but I realized I want someone I can have a healthy relationship where I am not denied sex. If she was not going to sleep with me, does the mentioned guy she had an argument over the phone with could he have been having sex with her and not me? I am glad I did not have sex with her if she was having sex with a different guy while with me. I am also still thinking of the women I did not have while I was with her and could now get with. So yeah, let me know your thoughts. I am going to email the woman who was playing with her hair yesterday during a zoom conference as we spoke about issues.
  2. I'm all about higher conscious living and sports. I've got little attention from women who are into what I'm into. Thinking about throwing in the towel for awhile.
  3. Starters I'm not a great catch. I've been the type of guy who gets picked last or as a guy that women pick when she has little to no other options. That hasn't happened in years though. I'm low income, 30 year old and re-dedicated my life as a University student to become a University professor. Not addicted to drugs. I drink occasionally. I find it nearly impossible to not see other guys as dominant when they're out with women. I get little attention from women. If I do they mention that they have a boyfriend or husband when I haven't even implied an interest. And there's lots of drug addicted women in my city and that is an automatic turn off when i see their profiles on pof. Does dating getting better once you have a career, vehicle, nice house and money in the bank? Women have lots of options. My one dream woman moved away 2 years ago to I dont know where. But she was into me and we even partied like we were a couple! Passion is what I need in my life again. I do require a woman whose intellectually capable of deep thought. As for the mean time I want to work on myself.
  4. So this past winter I got into a relationship and it ended in less than a month. But I did end up successfully finish a semester in university. Fast forward to my situation now,... I am in an assisted living group home for those with mental disabilities. There is this one staff member who works casually, and then about a month ago she heard I was a good hockey player, then it seems since then she's been into me. She winked at me more than several times, and we both went to the same college out west, but different programs. I am losing weight and I think I'm beginning to look more lean and more attractive. I feel good and confident about myself and I am pretty outgoing and also very analytical, staff members know I'm a resourceful guy, I make my money gambling online. The other day I went to the liquor mart and a very attractive young woman in her late 20's it appeared as, she was staring at me the whole time I went to buy alcohol. I'm over my relationship. Will I ever find anything more than just flings?
  5. I would like to pursue a relationship, however I feel like I have nothing to offer. Why do I feel this way? Is it because I am use to being alone? I'm 30 years old and have no children. I am not even in the hopes of seeing anyone. 2018 I was engaged but that ended on terms I will never know. Why does it have to be this way?
  6. This upcoming January 2020 I will be restarting university. I am excited. for the past year and a half I have been out of University. I am getting funding now from my reserve. Tuition and books will be paid for. I will be taking 4 classes. What should I do to be grateful I am back studying. I also have a doctors appointment tomorrow, my psychiatrist Dr. In the past my life was going nowhere and I was saddened by this!
  7. I see my mental health worker regularly. I would love a job as an educational assistant. There aren't any cooking jobs I'd want. But I would want to cook for a business looking for a cook with a secret recipe for making pizza and chicken. Everyone who tries my pizza and chicken. (wings and breasts) they would 5 star it out of 5. I do have a well known reputation around my city for people who know me as a provocative opinionated person. Also my sense of humour tends to give the people in my city that I'm approachable. I need a business plan I THINK!
  8. I'm practicing my screenwriting, More or less random thoughts down to type it out and see what can be made of it at a later date.
  9. So for the past 4 years I was registered in University. The situation is I've only completed 12 credits worth since joining. In 2015 I had developed psychosis. Years later I am now off medication (with Dr's suggestion) I've ended up in the psych ward in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 every January it had seemed I would be in there. This forced me to withdraw from classes each year. I cannot apply for any funding as I'm unqualified now for funding. My life is pretty much going nowhere. I don't have a drivers license. I do have a college diploma though that I did attain in 2013 after starting college in 2011. Currently I am trying to get a job. I am going to try get my license this summer and get a job by September and start paying for a Education Assistant program. I just need to get a birth certificate and then I can go write the beginners test and once I pass that. I can try do my road test. As in 2012 I got my permit in another province. So I won't have to wait 9 months to take the road test. I do have a lovely sense of humour though despite all this "life passing me by" phase. So what should I focus on? I gave up on dating awhile ago, I think I seem too unstable for a relationship with my mood disorder I've developed in 2015. I don't play sports anymore. But I enjoy watching. I cook really well and its always very delicious when I cook something for me and my roommates.
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