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  1. Thank you every one for your input . Appreciate it . Gave me some perspective of what I was doing with out being aware . Thank you again
  2. Yes Lambert , Although it’s harsh needed to hear this . Yes I think that’s it . Focus on myself is the goal . Thank you
  3. Yes Wiseman2 , I agree , it’s a big learning lesson . Thank you for bringing it to my awareness . Thank you 🙏
  4. Yes totally agree with that . Yes a lesson learned . Thank you
  5. Yes Billie , I totally agree with word to word what you said . Although it is harsh , I needed to hear that . About my second marraige , it was empty , no love and emotionally abusive .I stayed in that state for 5 yrs , That is the reason I drifted to wards my co worker . The reason to mention they were abusive was not to get sympathy , but I wanted to be transparent. But I get it . I am not perfect myself . If any marraige ends even if it was abusive , you also have your faults and must have contributed to it . Yes my relation with my ( co worker ) was not at all healthy , I
  6. Actually I shared about my mom stuff on 7 th or 8 th date . I only shared the intimacy being sacred on the 3 th date . Oh well it’s a learning lesson .
  7. . I started dating a man in August , the first 2 dates were amazing , very romantic , third date we went to watch the sun set and then he took me to his house . There I was very transparent with him and shared every thing about my past relationships ( have been in 2 abusive marraiges ) also my last relationship was not a relationship that I was manipulated by a coworker ( saying he wanted a relationship which after that just became more kind of using for sex and he basically said we were just FWB ? I left that job and stared BTO and some inner work . Also I told him that I always had to lo
  8. Yes that is what I have decided. Thank you for responding.
  9. Hello , I did not send this message today . It was a week ago. I am “ LEAVING HIM ALONE “ right now . It’s been over a week . Thanks for the reply any way .
  10. Yes will do . Already on no contact phase . Thank you
  11. (We can talk but on a professional level. Advice is always ok” ) This was from my now ex ( we work together) to which my reply was : ....You know I have been thinking about the damage I have caused and your supervisors advice to stay away and be professional. I think it’s best for me not to approach you for any advice too ... that way it will be only professional . And I will stay out of your way completely. Hopefully I can find some thing else and you don’t have to see me any more . Hopefully that happens soon . Than you can work in peace . Just praying for that-- I can always get a
  12. Also yesterday, I texted him after some of his texts if he is working today. Did not reply for that. Tomorrow is Eid , initially I thought of wishing him , but now wondering if I shoulder not. Please advice me . "Thanks "
  13. Texts like “ You look good “ “ Have you lost weight “ if you have lost than please keep on loosing “ “ nice walk “ stuff like that ... How does it matter to him if I loose weight or not . Before Ramadan started he used to text me “ I feel jealous that he is looking at you “ . It reduced a lot after Ramadan started but still these texts are confusing me
  14. You know some times a girl can put you in the friend zone for different reasons. ( personal stuff going on) Yes I agrees if I was very much intrested in you then I would respond immediately even if I was extremely busy at work . But since she did talk again , may be she wants to keep it open. I would not stalk her or push her but , there is nothing wrong in asking her to hang out and starting things fresh. Yes you seem to like her a lot more than her , may be she is not in a space to give the attention you need but I don't see any wrong putting things out there and start fresh as a friend and
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