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  1. I definitely should not have to sacrifice my self-worth, no. I'm glad I didnt. The lockdown put an 18 month end to dating activities...so I feel that given my age I'm now in a post-lockdown disadvantage. Perhaps, that's why I couldn't let go of this so-called "catch". Like I alluded to, he did have some oddities which I kept sweeping under the rug (because who doesnt at this age, right?) I've been able to process everything much more rationally in the last few days. I'm better than this.
  2. These are all helpful replies, and allowed me to see things more clearly. Grasping at straws isnt healthy. I'm still a bit sad as deep down, I feel that the pickings are slim and this was a good catch. But perhaps, not enough to sacrifice my self-worth. Plus, i think i did have a few niggles that he had some issues, quirks and quarks!
  3. Hi. I'm F49, never-married. I'm average/pleasant looking, good stable job, nice personality (generally get along with people, have interests, have friends, not a recluse). A bit on the quiet side but I have social skills 🙂 About 5 months ago, I connected with a man my age on a dating app. We had a lot in common, he too was never married, good job, attractive but not George Clooney-ish. Same level of education as me We talked for a few weeks, then he said he just wanted to be friends. I was disappointed because I thought he was my needle in a haystack and we had some interesting convos! He was nice and I appreciated that he didnt ghost me. However, I noticed that he would continue to visit my profile from time to time, for about 2 months after we stopped contact. I went to a wedding after the lockdown ended so I put up some more recent nicer pics where I'm dolled up (hair done, make up, nice dress). I sent him a friendly hello text around that time (maybe 2 months later) - he responded right away, said hello, but lukewarm, a convo did not continue. I've tried to stop thinking about him. I've been on other sites with zero matches/emails/dates/visits to my profile. This has upset me a bit- like, what's wrong with me? Btw, I'm not caucasian. I probably look "ethnically ambiguous" based on my pic. The guy knew my ethnicity, and didn't seem to have a problem (he wasnt caucasian either, but we were both born in N. America). Ok so I'm now on the verge of stopping the online thing due to my bad luck (I was online pre-covid but no cigar). Is the any harm in visiting this man's profile again, one last time, just to see if he visits my profile as a result, likes my new pics, and reconsiders? I'll be 50 soon. I look younger. I wont text him, just visit to see what happens. Or am I setting myself up for hurt and disappointment? I should add, I've never had luck in the relationship department. I've only had a few serious relationships, the last one was 9 year ago (but I've been on dates since then as I dont want to give up).
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