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  1. Thank you. I appreciate it and will be discussing with my therapist tomorrow. After all this I'm embarrassed to tell my friends or family but at least someone will know.
  2. They don't sit in their underwear. They are fully aware of the camera's as they were for security purposes. I am a good mother. My kids do not know what is going on, why would I talk to them about my relationship. Try not being so damn judgy.
  3. Yes I am. I contacted my landlord about changing the locks. Once that is done I will block him and remove the cameras.
  4. WOW, rude. I do go out, I do hang with friends - just causes him to be mad and jealous.
  5. We dated for 3 months, than another 6 months of being exclusive before we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend and that's been for 8 months - so close to a year and a half. Saw him every other week for the most part. I won't introduce my kids to anyone so when I have them I don't go out or have anyone come over.
  6. I didn't date for 2 years after my divorce. And experienced the worst men EVER. Maybe I just attract them..... Well didn't see that coming.
  7. No! Not at all. Because he didn't treat me like this until I moved. I also waited 2 years after my divorce to date at all, I didn't rush anything. I had to move so I decided to be closer and hoping we'd see each other more. Guess not.
  8. Jesus, I honestly didn't think it was this bad. Missing, bullet in my head. Just figured he was a bit insecure and like I said I'm new to all this dating stuff.
  9. Not a troll. I thought I was helping him feel secure, see that he can trust me. I don't do anything wrong so whatever, tracking me didn't bother me. This is my first relationship after a 20 year marriage so, it's all very new. But I've been googling some stuff and then came across this site. Sad thing is I am in therapy but haven't talked about it as I have a lot going on with my kids and next thing I know my time is up. He's really sweet when he's not jealous or freaking out. Unfortunately, going back home isn't an option. I'm in a year lease. Thanks for the advice, time to move on. Dating sucks.
  10. I've been dating this guy for 8 months now. Everything had been really good, I even moved an hour to be closer to him. Now that I've moved I haven't seen him in 9 weeks (we live 20 minutes apart), there's always some excuse that our plans get cancelled. This last time I misunderstood him and thought we were hanging out Sunday so when he said he wouldn't be coming over I got really upset. I miss him, so the next day was the day he was supposed to come over and told me he wasn't coming because of my fit the night before. My fit? Cause I want to see the person I'm involved with.......anyway. So I went out with my friend and had 2 drinks, the entire time he's texting me telling me if I talk to other guys or flirt it's cheating. I mean freaking out about where I was, that I was there for 2.5 hours, etc. When I don't respond after 2 minutes it's "oh chatting it up with the guys, can't even look at your phone" (I have read receipts on my iPhone) so it's even worse if I read it and don't respond. Whenever I go out he gets soooo upset and doesn't stop texting, yet he can GPS track me by my phone (I'm not allowed to go certain places, they are sketchy, I'm new to the area and learning), I have 3 camera's in my house that he can access. I only had two for the doors but one night he accused me of going out and leaving my phone at home when I was actually sleeping so I had to get a camera for the bedroom. He looks to see what I'm wearing (that's another thing, I can wear revealing stuff, short skirts/shorts - but only when he is with me). I can't snap photos of me. I can't hang out with my guy friends that I've known for over 20 years, can't talk to guys in general (it's cheating) - he says "guys don't talk to girls for no other reason than wanting to sleep with you". He literally thinks everyone wants to sleep with me. He's been in a few crappy relationships with cheaters so I get it, to a point. I do alllll this stuff to try to help him feel secure and yet I'm still accused of things and end up feeling guilty for something I didn't actually do. Every new friend I make he finds a reason to not like her. I keep pushing to "compromise" and the first time he usually will but then it will be brought up "you stayed at a bar to close" - ok I won't stay til close, I come home by 11. Now it's don't go to a bar. "Why do you have to drink? I haven't been to a bar in years. Go to the gym instead, go for a hike". If anything guy related happens somehow it's my fault, I gave someone the impression that they have a shot with me. I'm new to the area and left alllll my friends. I have my kids every other week so when I don't have them I get extremely lonely. I love live music and I love playing pool, I do nothing wrong. I've gotten drunk once in 8 months, and boy I won't live that one down. I don't know how to be more clear on what I need and that we need to compromise. HELP!!!!!!!
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