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  1. Red pill advocates having multiple women. This dude mentioned beta males several times. I know the game.
  2. You'd give one more chance, but me cutting this off guy right away is not showing confidence? Gotcha.
  3. Yes he wore protection. I am not doing online dating, my friends have so many horror stories. I think this guy was just red pilled.
  4. Lol what? I am confident and attractive, I just don't want to sit there obsessing over when I will hear from him. How does this correlate with self-esteem? If anything, it highlights my anxiety.
  5. This is exactly why I blocked him! I hated sitting there being like....why isn't he messaging? Will I ever hear from him again?
  6. Yup my friend told me they are rampant cheaters! It's too bad, we actually had a lot and common and talked about history and books, overall great conversations. Ugh. Yeah I went into it thinking wow hot firefighter, let's have some fun. But then after, I don't know if I caught feels or what, but I wanted more after I didn't hear from him.
  7. Oh I would definitely have sex with him again, I do not trust myself at all.
  8. I mean, as soon as a guy asks what I do they are gone. I don’t even bring it up now, but this info can easily be found online. Mr hot fireman didn’t care and it was so refreshing.
  9. He’s definitely a firefighter. He’s done numerous tv interviews on the news. His first wife was from Canada and they did the long distance thing for a few years before she moved to the us to be with him. I found her on social media. I thoroughly vetted this guy before meeting him. I honestly walked away thinking I would never see him again, and now I can’t stop thinking about him. I was completely fine after blocking him but now I’m a mess. I don’t get it. I have a hard time meeting men locally. I’m a CEO and founder of a company, and most men are very intimidated by me. I was like wow this guy is perfect because i don’t havre time to see him multiple times a week. Every other week would have been perfect. Sigh, I need to get over this guy.
  10. That….was not what my post was about.
  11. LOL. Yeah I assumed he probably had a wife or girlfriend, or a few girls in rotation.
  12. Thank you. I haven’t considered unblocking him, but I am second guessing my choice to block him and need reassurance that I haven’t overreacted.
  13. Thank you!! This is what I needed to hear. A lot of these responses weren’t really telling me whether or not I made the right decision, and more chastising me for putting out so early. But yeah, one week to me screams no interest and I just needed to hear that.
  14. He honestly was a nice guy. Very considerate, made sure I was ok during sex, and the sex was the best I’ve ever had. We didn’t talk about what each other was looking for, but we commiserated about our former marriages. At the time I was like well I just want to get laid, he lives 3 hours away and I will probably never see him again. But then a few days after the deed I became extremely insecure. He wasn’t texting me like he was leading up to meeting and this was a huge blow to my confidence. So yeah, I do feel kind of used after the fact. And I was like girl you need to block him if you’re already anxious. And now here I am, I cannot get this guy out of my mind. I went into this with no expectations, only to come out of it with this guy taking up real estate in my head. I’m just gonna stay single this is too much.
  15. Thank you for your response. We did use protection but I will still get checked, actually have a routine obgyn appointment next week. The funny thing is I assumed guys on online dating would do exactly what this guy did!
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