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  1. So I met this guy online through Instagram over quarantine and we became very close friends. We would stay up late nights to talk about random things and most of this guy has everything I would look for in a potential partner and the only problem was he was just a friend. He is a great guy and I didn't want to lose him as a friend and I keep conflicting myself between choosing him as a friend or more. To make things worse, I don't even think he likes me that way. He broke up with his ex almost 2 months ago and he is still not over her. So even though we have gone through the whole "convo" and he admitted that he would not go for a serious relationship with me or with anyone which is understandable since he isn't even over his ex and said if I wanted we could try friends with benefits and that's about it. To make things worse we are both first year uni students and going to unis around 2hrs away from eachother and I'm 95% sure we are going to be one of those friendships that was great in the beginning and slowly drift apart later. I hate this so much because he is perfect and I am not even lying for him when I say that. He has everything I would look for in a potential partner and just letting him go feels so wrong and I hate it so much. I really need an outsider to look at this and tell me if there is anything I could do. Thankyou ❤️
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