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  1. I brought a condom with me to the party and that’s what I plan to do during future events.
  2. Who said anything about these other women being drunk? Ann was obviously drunk, but there were other women present who seemed both interested in me and in a perfectly sober, clear state of mind.
  3. Would you consider any form hooking up as a “total lack of morals”? Like, if I did end up sleeping with a single, sober girl, would you still be getting on me about self-respect and my lack of dignity and whatnot?
  4. Ann definitely wasn’t the only girl who was expressing interest at the party, so I guess one silver lining is that I can view this party as something of a confidence booster.
  5. How about hooking up with a single, sober girl at the next party? Is that alright?
  6. What about hook ups in general? Like just with a single girl who’s had some drinks, but isn’t inebriated to a concerning degree.
  7. Thursday night I went to a party being hosted by one of my co-workers and we were celebrating another co-worker's birthday. I honestly felt a bit out of my element, being the only person there who didn't drink and one of few who didn't vape or smoke weed in the backyard. But regardless of that, there was one point during the party where I was approached by one of my female co-workers who we'll just call "Ann". Ann was easily the most drunk person there by a country mile and there was a point while standing around the fire in the backyard where she went up to me and told me that she's always thought that I was cute and that she'd want to be with me if it weren't for the fact that she was with her current boyfriend, who wasn't attending the party. I didn't know what to say other than "Ok, thanks" and then she just wandered off. And there were several parts after that where I would catch her staring at me from afar and she'd be giving a very obvious look of flirting with me. She was going the whole nine yards, what with her looking me up and down while biting her lip and giving this really seductive smile. Me and Ann rarely interact at work and I've never had overwhelmingly strong feelings for her, positive or negative, but I was really tempted to hook up with her on Thursday night. I ultimately decided against it since she had a boyfriend and one of her close friends at the party was trying really hard to control her and prevent her from making any drunken decisions that she'd regret. Assuming that I get invited to another party with Ann attending, what should I do? I'm really desperate to lose my virginity or at least get with a girl to some capacity and Ann was obviously an outlet for that on Thursday. I mean, would it really make me the bad guy to hook up with her? I'm single and it's not like I'm the one being unfaithful. What do you think?
  8. I’m feeling pretty good about going. I just talked with one of my co-workers (older woman who’s worked at this store for a long time) who’s usually a cautious woman who also happens to be a good judge of character and even she’s urging me to go and branch out. She told me that this group of people is pretty chill and laid back.
  9. Ok. I think my current plan is to at least attend Thursday’s party and see for myself what goes on in the group and go from there.
  10. I probably could once I start going back to college in a month.
  11. As far as I know, it's just a small handful of people who come off as morally questionable. I don't want to make it sound like the whole group is like that.
  12. Ok, so I have another update that I could really use some advice on. Apparently the guy who invited me to this party has a notorious reputation for throwing himself at some of the girls in this group and that he regularly cheats on his girlfriend who exists outside of the group. There's also apparently one or two girls in said group who hook up with him knowing well and good that he's cheating. I honestly view that just as bad as cheating itself. And on top of that, there are some rumors going around work that our boss is doing something of a crackdown on this group of people and their usual outings. Our most recent outing (the one that I attended) included one of the store's team leaders and he got in trouble since a lot of the people in the group are his subordinates in his department and now this TL is in trouble with management. Our main manager is allegedly keeping a close eye on certain employees and I honestly have a bad feeling about this whole thing. I really don't know if I should continue to hang with these people. A hanfdul of them clearly engage in scummy behavior and now there's this whole episode with out boss trying to get involved and probably reprimand us in some way. I don't know if I'm right to have some concerns or if this is my anxiety just trying to talk me out of hanging out with them. These new developments just have me feeling a bit uneasy and I don't know what to do.
  13. I think you already know the answer to that.
  14. I also have to ask for anyone to answer: What’s the modern day millennial party like? And I’m talking about a real party, not the lame one I threw last month. My party was basically just a large group of people just casually hanging out in a basement with drinking and snacks. It wasn’t anything too wild like furniture being trashed, people getting laid all over, and everyone bouncing all over the walls. It honestly felt a bit amateur- ish and I’m wondering if this party might differ from that.
  15. Do you think it would be a good idea to bring a condom to the party just in case?
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