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  1. I'm still not 100% sure what you mean by this. Could you please explain how this applies to my situation here?
  2. Well, I just found out that one of these women has a boyfriend, so I guess that helps to narrow it down to the other two.
  3. I get it. I actually voted against the idea of featuring any type of gaming at the party. As it stands, the party is just going to be held in the basement of one of my friend's house (his parents are fine with it as long as the party stays strictly in the basement) and it's going to be a simple matter of playing some music, having some drinks, and just casually hanging around and mingling.
  4. One of my friends actually suggested a Super Smash Bros. tournament. I'm assuming that the partygoers wouldn't be into that...
  5. Well in this case, my three friends are going to be attending and I can guarantee that they'll be looking to find dates there as well. Them sliding in on these women is a very real possibility.
  6. I like where your head’s at. I just worry about inviting them to the party and them hooking up with other guys.
  7. Ok, these are all fair questions that I'll have to take into consideration. But right now, my focus is on how to proceed with asking them out. I don't know if I narrow it down to just one of these women and risk missing out on the others, or just shoot my shot with each of them if the other rejects me.
  8. I’m honestly not sure how they all interact with each other. The one is really shy and only really talks to a small handful of friends in her department. Another is really bubbly and seems to go out of her way be friendly with everyone, and the third is kind of a strange mixture of reserved while also still enjoying taking to certain people, myself included.
  9. This time it’s not so much the rejection that I’m worried about, but the potential consequences of asking out more than one co-worker. If I ask out one of these girls and get rejected, that’s no huge deal, but then asking out others is when word will start to spread and others will begin to see me as the desperate guy who hits on all of his co-workers.
  10. Well therein lies the problem for me: Of those three girls, there's two of them whom I click well with and I do genuinely enjoy talking to them, but the third girl is an extremely shy person, not just around me, but in general. I want to get to know this third girl a lot more, especially since I see hints that she may share a lot of interests as me. (Comic books, gaming, etc)
  11. There's no guarantee that I'd get my chance after I leave. I'd rather not bother them while working and I also have to take into consideration their schedules.
  12. I don't know if I have a "favorite". There's three girls in mind that I'd like a shot at. I could potentially list pros of each girl and narrow it down that way...
  13. There’s some that I talk to on a more regular basis, yes.
  14. So I'm in a position where I really hate my current retail job and I very much want to quit. But the problem is that there are a few of my female co-workers whom I'm interested in asking out. Summoning the courage to ask them out is an issue in and of itself, but I also have to figure out how exactly to ask them out. I'd very much like a shot at at least one of these women and I want to do it sooner than later so as to get things squared away and finally leave this job. But my issue is not only deciding which one to pursue, but also wanting to be careful about asking out co-workers. I kno
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