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  1. I’m going to let her be so she can focus on herself. If we both want to try it later on and the feelings are still there well give it a shot.
  2. That’s what has been happening a wedge between us. I’m trying to close the gap between us before it’s to late and question myself if I didn’t do enough or didn’t fight for her. I’m smothering her by doing it I need to back of and let it be.
  3. It was before COVID when families were allowed to be in the same room with them. I would take her stuff and spend the nights with her so she wouldn’t feel alone and go over whenever her parents left during the day, I was happy to be by her side. I understand I have to learn their ways of handling things. If they don’t give me the chance or she doesn’t want me to I have no where to go but be stuck. I have seizures, panic attacks, and borderline personality disorder I take medicine that makes me very sedated and look out of it. That’s a issue for them cause I’ve looked like a zombie when I was f
  4. She is the only one that knows the answer to when she will be independent.
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