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  1. I’m going to let her be so she can focus on herself. If we both want to try it later on and the feelings are still there well give it a shot.
  2. That’s what has been happening a wedge between us. I’m trying to close the gap between us before it’s to late and question myself if I didn’t do enough or didn’t fight for her. I’m smothering her by doing it I need to back of and let it be.
  3. It was before COVID when families were allowed to be in the same room with them. I would take her stuff and spend the nights with her so she wouldn’t feel alone and go over whenever her parents left during the day, I was happy to be by her side. I understand I have to learn their ways of handling things. If they don’t give me the chance or she doesn’t want me to I have no where to go but be stuck. I have seizures, panic attacks, and borderline personality disorder I take medicine that makes me very sedated and look out of it. That’s a issue for them cause I’ve looked like a zombie when I was f
  4. She is the only one that knows the answer to when she will be independent.
  5. This seems to be the majority of the opinions. I hope we both face the situation with our minds made up and don’t regret it down the road.
  6. The truth hurts what if I’m looking for a commitment and want to settle down. When she is not ready for commitment I haven’t seen eye to eye with the her family. What would you do if you had a daughter who kept complaining about a sharp pain on her side frequently? I know how they handled it and it pissed me off ever since then we haven’t got along. She had been staying over and had pain I called her family on what to do because it wasn’t a new thing, they just said give her cold water and it’ll pass. I forced her to go to the hospital and she needed surgery to remove the gallbladder since it
  7. Not anytime soon maybe towards the end of the year. She is not going back to college she is contempt with her current job.
  8. I just have to face it and break off from her. We are both going to hurt and feel like *** for a bit. Hopefully I’m strong enough to do it and she understands how much I put up with her and how devoted I am. I wasn’t mr perfect either I put her though tough situations to due to medical problems I have but I didn’t treat her like she’s been treating me when she has a say in it. I guess I’m living in the past thinking it could return how it was at first.
  9. 😂 made me laugh “the talk”, I honestly don’t know how long I can take it not very long that’s for sure. She is a nice and caring person goofy at times, when we first started dating we hit it off now it’s a train wreck.
  10. I agree I wasn’t in the right to speak up to her parents and yes I’m learning from it the hard way. She didn’t finish college and works as a cashier for a service department. She recently bought a new car I told her to wait her car was reliable and would last her awhile. I personally would have used the down payment money on getting a apartment and having the rest of the money for rent and utilities so it’s not hard on her the first couple of months. Both her parents are healthy and together still I don’t know how since there has been cheating going on between them. Local relationship we proba
  11. I spoke with her last night she said that she is lost in life right now, she’s not happy with herself. That she doesn’t know if she can give me everything I need. She asked me what I want her to do and she would do it. I said I’m not like that no point in forcing the relationship if she doesn’t know what she wants. Same conversation we have had over and over, I just want her to be able to come out the closet about me and give me time out of her day show effort that she wants to make this work. Yes she still lives with mom and pop’s, she has had a rough year.
  12. We are both 27 she has a job but is dependent on the for a house hold she has personal bills but that’s all. I want to assume it’s a personality issue since I spoke up to them under there roof. I was feed up at them not letting her make her own decisions it wasn’t the proper thing to do but I wasn’t disrespectful to them either. I’ve been thinking about breaking it off with her when I brought it up she agreed with it but a week later she was be texting me saying she wants to be together. I don’t understand how that’s possible it’s like that saying you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I
  13. She is white I am Hispanic, I met here parents before. I was allowed in to there house even stay over, I argued with there parents once because they kept trying to get in between the relationship. I told them if I make their daughter happy why can’t she be with me and spend her time with me. That she was old enough to decide for herself what makes her happy and they need to respect it. Ever since that it’s been a roller coaster and she keeps denying me to her parents. It been almost a year now since she has done that and we are going on three now together. I love her to death makes me happy an
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