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  1. Us too. We talked about doing it one day when we had the money. We chose a house first and yes we are. Which is why everything is a bit complicated. I also feel that marriage is for when you are confident in who you are and mature enough to own it. I know he is still finding himself, hence wanting to wait till our 30s. On the other hand we wanted to have our children earlier enough so we could be young enough to do stuff after they've flown the nest. No regrets, we love our son, but I'm now seeing the negative side of doing that. (In terms of still being compatible as you get older
  2. Thank you for this, that makes me feel a bit better. This is where my mind was at, but it's nice to know this is actually a thing.
  3. I assume you didn't read through the comments, I haven't avoided counselling, I've actually said quite the opposite and have been encouraged by the other posters to suggest it to my OH. This also isn't meant to be a bashing opportunity but it is me seeking an opinion of others about my own feelings. Trying to rationalise it and be subjective is sometimes hard so this is why I'm asking for people's comments on my side of the story. It's supposed to be one sided but in our relationship he has his side and that will be included as we work through it together, I just assumed everyone knew that was
  4. Hi Holly, Sorry no not at all. One example is: When I was heavily pregnant I had such swollen legs I couldn't walk very far. My partner had left over holiday to use and had the option to use it or get paid. I asked him to take it so that he might help me prep the house before baby comes and just day to day stuff I was struggling with as it was all getting a bit much - I wouldn't expect him to take time off otherwise but if the option is there, why not? He works for his family's business and due to covid they wanted to take all the jobs they could get (understandable) we had a miscomm
  5. Absolutely. It's clear that counselling is our next step. I'll speak to him once our sons gone to bed tonight and hopefully he's open to it. Thank you all.
  6. He is very intelligent and his empathy has increased over time, definitely a low emotional maturity. I always knew this was a problem but we met when we were 20 and he had just had a bit of a personal traumatic event which I won't disclose but that is what I chalked it all up to. Decided that he could only mature with age and he's very much like his father, who is a wonderful man. I assumed the apple couldn't fall far from the tree. This exactly. Thank you for putting it into words when I couldn't. I don't know if counselling would fix that. I have hope because he does think a little m
  7. Thank you for your comment but I did not say I find anything "repulsive" this isn't a postpartum issue as it originates pre-baby. However I have already recognised that hormones could have played a part in the beginning, now they do not.
  8. Thank you, those are my thoughts too. Hard to do that when you love someone and the good shines through. It helps hearing someone else say it though. Also just seen your edit on the other comment. So thank you for that too.
  9. The racist remark was recent. He isn't a racist person but sadly around people who joke around about it often. I also feel him entertaining those types of people is immature however they've been there for him emotionally when he needed it so I slightly understand the loyalty because he doesnt partake in the "bad" stuff they do. To put it in context he saw a black man walking on the other side of the road and said quietly so only both he and I could hear "hi, be my friend" and when I asked what he was on about, he said everyone needs a black friend. So, yeah. Not really sure on that one but I d
  10. He has always said he would rather end a relationship than do counselling as he thinks a relationship must be really bad if you need therapy. That was years ago though in our early years and his thoughts on various types of therapies has changed but it has always sat with me. I may try suggesting it to him in all seriousness. Thank you.
  11. Hi Holly, It is one of those situations where it's a straw that broke the camels back, but it's hard to recall all the individual straws because on their own they're insignificant but all together, like ants, its strong.. does that make sense?? The only ones I can think of that would have happened multiple times are negative judgy, comments about people (for example look at the size of her, ew, minging) On occasion... a bit racist. Grabbing at me intimately all the time, making comments like "show us your ***". All in good fun but when I've told him I don't like it over and ove
  12. We still have fun, albeit different now in lockdown and as parents but we both expected that. Your comment has actually got me thinking about it from a different perspective.... apart from gaming we don't really have any similar "fun" activities we like to do. We used to travel a lot until we decided to settle down. Maybe we could try to find something we both like... thank you.
  13. He's a very good man, as I stated. My fear is that we are too different and out of respect I would never ask him to change. There are compromises that need to be made in a relationship and whilst I do what I can, I don't feel he does what he could. To that extent it must be all I can give and after all these years of relying on "he's a good man" I'm now asking myself, but is that enough to maintain a happy and healthy relationship and family. He is "immature" in a fun sense, like a friend and fun guy at a party sort of thing. I wanted to have a child with him because I love him and k
  14. It's not a sudden need unfortunately, something that has been around for years and something we've always talked about but it got swept under the rug and life went on because we were having fun. I'm hopeful to hear that it might get better as we're both definitely committed. The lust is a building tension because he clearly very much wants this exciting sex life and I feel nothing. I want to fix it sooner rather than later. We are chalk and cheese and the positives have almost always out shon the negatives but it feels as thought our differences have suddenly been pushed to their lim
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