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  1. Thanks for writing this. This is what I needed to hear in my life at this point. You can see my post history, but I'm currently going through a breakup and we've been NC for about a month. It's been so hard as this is my first relationship, and I keep swinging between the extremes of vehemently hating him for hurting me so much and putting myself down for making mistakes and not trying harder. Lots of rumination in the past (if I had done this differently it would've been different, why was this so sudden, why didnt he communicate his issues with the relationship to me), and anxiety
  2. My boyfriend (35M) of ~1 year broke up with me (26M) about 3 weeks ago after cheating on me and still being unsure about what he wants. Deep down, I know he's not good for me because he has a lot of issues to work through himself and hasn't treated me well. But I can't stop thinking about him and wanting him back. Here's the longer story: We met a year ago, and it was an instant connection. This is was my first relationship, and I had never met anyone with the same level of wit, charm, and similar sense of humor and we were both immediately enraptured. We quickly fell into a relation
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