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  1. I did block him after basically telling him to eff off. Felt so good!
  2. We had been separated for 3 years, a d only just recently finalized it. I have long since moved on.
  3. Oh I’m not reaching out to her. My girlfriend said I should, but this poor girl is very clearly in love with him. Her whole profile is pictures of him. I don’t want to get involved, I already feel awful for unknowingly coming between them. I’m out.
  4. He told me he planned on moving back, and wanted to build a relationship prior to him moving back. I honestly think he’s stuck in Michigan with this girl, wants to move back home, but needs a place to live. He moved out there after his 10 year girlfriend gave him the boot, and he didn’t have a place to live so he got friendly with this girl in Michigan (who from what I can tell was a fan of his). Tried to run the same game on me, but it didn’t work with me. There’s a saying that goes: what do you call a musician without a girlfriend? Homeless.
  5. The sad thing is I was not even looking to date. He just appeared out of the blue. I tried to cut him off but he wrote me a diatribe about how badly I hurt him. I think he’s a flaming narcissist. I mean he was the singer for a popular band. He even asked me why I didn’t seem intrigued by him. Like...what?? He’s used to girls just fawning all over him.
  6. I even told him in my kiss-off message that I was not going to hang around and be an ego boost for him. So funny you bring that up!! He’s just so sleazy, I considered messaging his girlfriend but I don’t want to get anymore involved than I was. I’m recently divorced so this is all very new to me, but I’m gonna stay single. This is just bananas that people are like this.
  7. It’s very apparent you didn’t even read what I wrote! If you did, you’d see that he lives 1,000 miles away, so we couldn’t meet ASAP. You assumed he was married, when I never even said he was. You assumed we had no mutual friends, then when I said we did, you assumed we had 1, when in fact we have 3 mutual friends. How about reading what people actually post before dishing out terrible advice? Yikes.
  8. And where did I even say he was married? He’s not, that I know. My mutual friends all said he was a good guy too, but keep making assumptions.
  9. Ok so why are you mad about this? I sent him fully clothed photos. Stop assuming things. We talked for a month. A whole month. Zero investment on my part. Again stop making assumptions.
  10. Wow you are really rude for literally no reason. I am not painting myself as a victim. I am venting because a 40 year old man thinks he can game women online. Like I don’t understand why you are getting hostile because I didn’t search his name quickly enough. We have 3 mutual friends. Not even relevant. You sound miserable and bored and totally not helpful.
  11. Does it really matter that I didn’t search earlier? It doesn’t. I found them a month later. Again, they don’t show up on his profile and I didn’t really care all that much to search until he got upset with me for thinking he was a player.
  12. We were friends on Facebook and the photos I found were not on his profile. She tagged him in photos, but he chose not to have them display on his profile. They do however show up in search.
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