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  1. She texted me where she put the key, and also this “That was extremely sad and difficult. This hasn’t been easy. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do or help with before the end of April.” Guess that’s the end of the story folks. Not sure I should stick around any longer to get blasted while I’m emotional still.
  2. You must have missed that part of the thread. I saw a convo she had with a friend on our computer.
  3. Appreciate you sharing. I’m not going to wait around, even tho her mom wants me to. I can’t. I can’t be stuck in this state forever. I know that it will take a while until I am happy again, and I don’t expect her to have a change of heart anytime soon. Our relationship wasn’t very toxic, I did a poor job of handling her high emotions. As she told her friend, she doesn’t think I deserve this.
  4. How do you know? She has never been the strongest mentally. She struggles with anxiety and mood swings. She has basically become a different person since living with her dads side. Her moms side doesn’t know what is going on with her. Who’s to say when things don’t work out with this guy that she will panic and feel regret?
  5. Hmm, she seemed very indecisive at first. When I pull away, she contacts me. Why do you think this?
  6. A wilting flower? What does that mean?
  7. Yea I told her to text me when she’s done and leave the key in the grill. im so angry today. She blew me off for a coworker after 2 weeks of seduction. She tried to hide it, but I found out. That pretty much guarantees that I can never trust her again, more so because of where she works. Her backup plan blew up. She’ll be back, but I won’t be.
  8. Turns out she isn’t getting her stuff until around 2. I might actually run into them if they don’t move quick. Wonder if her dad knows about her new boyfriend... (kidding)
  9. After she gets her stuff out, part of me just wants to tell her how f’n dumb I must be to ask her to come back after she cheated on me and doesn’t even care or show any regret at all. maybe I can get my balls back after getting that off my chest
  10. Different how? It’s basically just her bed, dresser, desk, and dining table. Really nothing has changed. Those things don’t set off reminders. I already have my brain reminding me constantly lol.
  11. She has a key. There will be no one else here, besides my dog. I believe her dad is coming with her, he has a truck.
  12. Things probably aren’t going well with her boyfriend. It’s up to you on if you want to respond. You said she was manipulative, so tread carefully. Id probably respond without any emotion, and try to get a better idea of what her agenda is. Of course, that is if you would like to hook up with her. It sounds like you still love her. I’m not sure why you would want to have another relationship with her because she sounds toxic, but do what you want. You’ll never know if you don’t respond. Perhaps she just feels guilty.
  13. Yea she is coming to get it on Saturday. I will be at work.
  14. Thank you for your insight guys, it’s good stuff. I’m at a point where I am trying to move forward day by day. Still hurts like hell. I haven’t had many relationships. Basically two five year relationships. This one felt like I met someone that I genuinely loved to conversate with and she was my best friend. I’ve heard that most people only meet 1-3 “unicorns” in their life where being around them and conversation is effortless. It’s hard for me to shake the feeling that I got complacent and I may have lost my unicorn. It’s something that I won’t know for a while. For now I am trying to focus on making myself happy being alone. I understand that this may take a very long time.
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