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  1. My wife and I have been together 11 years, married for nearly 4 years, have an 18 month daughter. We love each very much: I.e. are very fond of each other, like hanging out, make each other laugh, enjoy doing some of the same things together. My wife recently told me she's not felt "in love" with me for a while though, 2-3 years maybe. We used to be very sexually attracted to each other. My wife used to jump on me and attack me, and I'd do the same. We used to enjoy sex until about the middle of the pregnancy. But now she also says she's not sexually attracted to me either. We now d
  2. Hi all, thanks for your many thoughtful replies - this is the best forum i have posted on! We continue to have daily chats about this, really exploring things. It's feeling less and less likely we can come back. She mentioned that for years it has seemed like I am dragging my feet with her: didn't want to get married (took a long time to propose), didn't want to have a baby (I wanted to wait another year), didn't want to have sex during late pregnancy or early on having our child (true). I can see that that would slowly kill her passion: her thinking that I did not have the passion myself.
  3. Thanks for your response, yes we'd to consider marriage counselling. Do you have experience with it? She met the other man through work but doesn't work with him any more and has cut contact off with him, although the feelings aren't going away..
  4. Hi there, My wife and I have been together for just over 10 years, married for 4 years and have a 1 year old daughter, we're early 30s. We get along great, love each other, do lots of nice things for each other and are very supportive of one another. But recently my wife has revealed that she is not really attracted to me currently, and isn't really "in love" with me currently. There's also someone else that she's had a crush on for a while - not something that she intends to act on, but it is distracting and detracting from her feelings for me. Neither of us want to break up, we both
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