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  1. Also I should add there is no way besides a car to travel around here lol.
  2. So I don't have a car, and he lives rather far from me. He deff still has it because the next day he told me he has it and I told him to please hold on to it because of how important it was and he said he will. It just seems like he is being a douche bag to me rn and I can't figure out what to do.
  3. Heyy so I hope this is the right forum, but to summarize as best as I can. There is this guy I've been hanging out with who I really like. Anyway I ended up leaving an expensive earring my mom gifted to me at his place (unintentionally I swear). Anyways I really really need it back (like urgent) since my mom is coming to visit and she will 100% notice if they're gone. I can't think of a lie to say pertaining to why I am not wearing them. I have asked for them back but he is being really like weird about it. In the sense that he doesn't understand how badly I need them and won't make time to gi
  4. As someone who was in an emotionally abusive relationship and didn't realize it until later, you are in one but as mentioned before it's something we know but can't say out loud. I know it's hard to tell you friends and family but it's what is going to help you take the courage to leave. Please do, as he has showed he doesn't want to change or deal with the issue. Also this could turn physical as he sees you don't confide in your loved ones and put up with the emotional aspect. Go back home dear, this isn't the relationship you need
  5. Hi everyone, my freshman year of college I met a guy who I became very close with (let's call him CJ for the sake of everything). We were so close that people would always joked we would get married but our relationship was more of that of a brother and sister. He was an amazing special person. I don't think he had a bad bone in his body. Sadly over some time we drifted apart. Mainly since we both got into relationships and started doing our own things but regardless we were still friends. That being said I got the phone call from a mutual friend of ours telling me that CJ had committed suic
  6. I'm sorry, you seem very level headed to me. You made a mistake of calling him a loser but god if that's the worst thing you've done thus far then props to you. She should have had your back in this case. As my parents always established the rules "my house my rules, if you don't like it go somewhere else"
  7. Yes yes and yes! Also if he is being assaulted why does he need to leave?? Also we all know the double standards of men calling in abuse i mean come on now.. This violence could escalate.
  8. I disagree with the person above, I'm sorry but first off she HIT him! that is abuse regardless of the gender, and if she was hitting him, the husband had every right if he wanted her to leave. Also his step-son threatened to hit him as well. Violence of any kind is not okay so yes if someone threatened to hurt me/already did then.... Also you're right, you have other kids in the house and if this person is being disrespectful then it needs to be addressed. I do agree that a relationship and parenting ground needs to be established between the family to make it work but it isn't uncommon fo
  9. Yes I completely understand what you mean in the sense that they aren't obligated to text me. I feel as if I did do a good job reciprocating, for example one guy I was talking to likes to make art and we were talking about that, and I insisted he show me his art in person and he said he would love to. I felt like that was enough to make it clear I had an intent to go further? If not then I am not sure what else to do haha
  10. Hi yes I should deff clarify! The guys are people I know through mutual friends so real life. I would say the conversations started out very friendly, like we would just start texting and asking about each other (majors, funny stuff, interests) and talk about our mutual friends. (BTW this happened with about 4 guys now). What happens next is each guy becomes relatively flirty either by complimenting me etc.. which is nice and I always respond with a delightful response thanking them. Hahaha I don't mention my ex I promise! This exchange usually goes on for like a few days but then stops sud
  11. Hello! I am still relatively young but I will try to give my opinion as best as I can! Even at my age dating is still rather difficult esp if you are trying to do more than hook-up. I think you are 100% doing the right thing in terms of improving your life style and doing new awesome things. I'm not sure how your last relationship went down but being able to thrive months after it always makes me happy for that person! I think that you're doing the right stuff however with the dates you're going on maybe you're too focused on seeing if that person is "the one". Maybe dating was easier back the
  12. Hi all! So a little background my ex-bf broke up with me about 5 months ago, in my last thread I spoke about my lack of sexual/romance desire and said I am going to wait to get that back. However I will say I have been talking to some guys. Something I've been starting to notice is that for some reason every guy I converse with just stops talking to me suddenly. These are also guys I know (they attend my university). How it always start is the guy messages me and we have a pretty nice conversation. They will be flirty etc.. and they would continuing to text me for a few days. And then suddenly
  13. It does :) I am in no rush to jump into a new relationship (or guy) and if it takes me five years I can wait! I guess what made me initially think it was abnormal was people always telling me to "move on" or to find someone else. Or even just sleep with someone new. Not many people seemed to understand my dilemma of not even having the interest to
  14. Great to see you too! And yes I would actually like to see that as well!
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