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  1. If someone paid me a grand every time you announced you were leaving, I'd be sunning myself on some beautiful tropical island somewhere Tom 😜 Great job with the weight loss though, pleased you're keeping the hard work up and keeping the weight off consistently!
  2. But that's an extreme over-reaction. There's a healthy middle ground between text bombardment and 'never texting ever again'! There's been some very good advice given on this thread. Something I've found useful in the past is to take an hour to re-read all the advice a few days later when I'm less 'involved' to really take it all in and figure out which advice would work for me.
  3. Great job! I'd do those things for yourself though, no need to have a woman as motivation to keep fit and get out and enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Different people will always have different opinions. At the end of the day, you just have to weigh it all up and then make your own decisions. For what it's worth, I'd agree with the advice of your therapist.
  5. That's the thing, everyone's different. I'm in the early stages of dating 2 different women at the mo (only very early stages, so no reason not to be multi-dating at the mo). One is like you - loves the daily text back and forths, the regular check ins etc. The other is much more like the woman the OP is describing - hardly texts, replies to a message the following day rather than having 'text banter', but when we've actually video chatted and met up, we've got on great. So I might send her the occasional funny thing or bit of banter (I'm not saying 'never text full stop' just to be clear
  6. I find some women are very different to others in that respect. I do quite like a bit of a text banter / flirting myself (for a few minutes, then crack on with my day) but some women just aren't texters and, if they're not, you shouldn't force it. Just use the texting to set up the date and then have the fun on the date itself. Something that's helped me recently with the whole thing of texting women to set up dates (which I too used to massively overthink) is just to think 'how would I text one of my mates to suggest doing something?' For me, that would just be 'how do. Fancy a
  7. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah I'm feeling pretty decent about dating at the moment and am looking forward to seeing where things go. It feels like an exciting time, partly because freedom is on the horizon (our lockdown ends this week here) and partly because suddenly almost every woman I meet wants to see me again (I had a first video date with Nadine last night that also went well) whereas before it was totally the opposite. I've always said throughout this journal and when speaking to other people about dating that it's important not to get too down about the no connection date
  8. I'd bet money that they just lost your sheet! I love the idea suggested above to run your own though, it'd be great fun and you might meet someone yourself as the organiser.
  9. Writing a letter to someone you had 1 date with more than 3 months ago is kinda creepy! 😬 Especially after you've already sent her flowers (despite everyone in your previous thread telling you not to!). Loads of 1st dates don't lead to 2nd dates (happened to me tons of times!), and I totally get how frustrating it is when you feel that you were a good match but she doesn't. But you just got to take it on the chin and move on to someone else!
  10. Thought I'd post a quick update for the first time in a couple of months. Dating is currently going really well! I'll list chronologically the dating things that have happened in the past couple of weeks: 4 separate video chats (with 4 different women) that were the bog standard 'perfectly pleasant but no connection', with neither party suggesting a second. Chanelle, video date. Now me and Chanelle did actually connect. She had a good personality to bounce off and I think it helped that we both had a few drinks and made an effort - I said to her beforehand "let's both get a coupl
  11. Haha. It is actually a dog walk! The apostrophes around the outside imply that it's something more untoward 😂 Are you still keeping up the good work that you were documenting in your journal? (i.e. with the weight loss and the mindset) I don't think there's any harm in not updating your journal so often (I only do mine every couple of weeks) so long as the lack of journal updates doesn't result in you letting the good work slide. Depends if you need the journal and the feedback to help keep you on track.
  12. Thankyou! That photo was taken when he was in the pound in Spain (I had him imported) but he is very happy here as well! I met a woman, Caroline, while out walking him the other day. We exchanged numbers and have arranged to meet for a dog walk this Friday. Not a 'date' - there was no mention of that, I just suggested we meet because Branco got on well with her dog and I want him to socialise (he's had very little chance to so far - because he's big, most other dog walkers cross the street when they see him coming). But she was attractive and nice to chat to so will see how we get on. It'
  13. Thought I'd quickly update this. Nothing going on much in terms of dating. Georgie was wishy washy when it came to actually arranging to meet, so I left that. I met another woman, Rachael, off Bumble for a walk last week. Had a good chat but she wasn't really my type in terms of attraction. And now here in the UK, we're in full on lockdown again! So dating isn't happening. I'm keeping some conversations going on Bumble until meeting is possible again. Only messaging once every day or 2 - my enthusiasm for messaging isn't high at the moment, I think mainly because there's no prospect of me
  14. How's your dog now Tom? Weight loss still going well?
  15. I agree. I think I've said similar in one of your previous threads, that a woman shouldn't be the be all and end all, whatever her score out of 10 is! Looking at it the other way round, if a woman I'd never met wanted to chat to me every single night til daft o'clock in the morning, I'd be really turned off. I'd be thinking 'how come she's got nothing else going on in her life? As she's available literally every single night! And she wants to chat til 5am. Has she got nothing to get up for in the morning?'
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