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  1. Haha. It is actually a dog walk! The apostrophes around the outside imply that it's something more untoward 😂 Are you still keeping up the good work that you were documenting in your journal? (i.e. with the weight loss and the mindset) I don't think there's any harm in not updating your journal so often (I only do mine every couple of weeks) so long as the lack of journal updates doesn't result in you letting the good work slide. Depends if you need the journal and the feedback to help keep you on track.
  2. Thankyou! That photo was taken when he was in the pound in Spain (I had him imported) but he is very happy here as well! I met a woman, Caroline, while out walking him the other day. We exchanged numbers and have arranged to meet for a dog walk this Friday. Not a 'date' - there was no mention of that, I just suggested we meet because Branco got on well with her dog and I want him to socialise (he's had very little chance to so far - because he's big, most other dog walkers cross the street when they see him coming). But she was attractive and nice to chat to so will see how we get on. It'
  3. Thought I'd quickly update this. Nothing going on much in terms of dating. Georgie was wishy washy when it came to actually arranging to meet, so I left that. I met another woman, Rachael, off Bumble for a walk last week. Had a good chat but she wasn't really my type in terms of attraction. And now here in the UK, we're in full on lockdown again! So dating isn't happening. I'm keeping some conversations going on Bumble until meeting is possible again. Only messaging once every day or 2 - my enthusiasm for messaging isn't high at the moment, I think mainly because there's no prospect of me
  4. How's your dog now Tom? Weight loss still going well?
  5. I agree. I think I've said similar in one of your previous threads, that a woman shouldn't be the be all and end all, whatever her score out of 10 is! Looking at it the other way round, if a woman I'd never met wanted to chat to me every single night til daft o'clock in the morning, I'd be really turned off. I'd be thinking 'how come she's got nothing else going on in her life? As she's available literally every single night! And she wants to chat til 5am. Has she got nothing to get up for in the morning?'
  6. Couple quick dating updates: Had a 2nd date with Sarah on Friday that (I thought!) went really well. Really good natural vibe, we kissed for a while at the end (we'd both had recent Covid tests done) and she texted me after to tell me what a great time she'd had. I was looking forward to seeing her again. Fast forward to Sunday (yesterday) and I messaged her asking if she fancied meeting up again this week. She replied saying 'I don't think so, you're a great guy but I don't see any future in it'. I must say, I was quite taken aback. Not that somebody didn't want to see me again (tha
  7. Tonight I have had a really good therapy session. Focusing on how my attachment/dependency relates back to childhood and my mother. The good thing though is I can see it now and be aware of it. The positivity that I am really discovering the real me and what makes me tick is giving me a real buzz. I'm genuinely amazed at how far I've come in a relatively short space of time, but remain steadfast not to become complacent and slip back into older habits with unhealthy ways of thinking. Sounds good! Pleased therapy's going well
  8. Haha! That's my dating life sorted! I just need to sell my van, not eat, not buy anyone any Christmas presents and not use any heating or electric for a couple of months and then I might be able to scrape together the membership fee :D I'm sure that when people on here say 'use a quality paid dating app', they don't generally mean 'splash out thousands'. So, come on, what are these 'quality paid apps'?
  9. Wow! £1495 per annum basic membership, £3195 per annum platinum membership. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who's used that service, see if it justifies the price
  10. Yeah I try to prepare as much as possible the night before. Had my first date / meet (whatever we want to call it) since rejoining Bumble yesterday and it went great. She was called Sarah and we went for a walk for an hour in the afternoon. Got on really well, she was attractive, we had a good natural vibe and she suggested meeting again this Saturday. So all good, will see where it goes. Maybe helped a bit that one of my best mates is a colleague of hers so I think because we had a mutual connection, it didn't feel quite so much like we were strangers off the internet. Been keeping
  11. I see this advice a lot on this site and, while not disagreeing with the thought process behind it (people who pay are likely to be more serious and genuine about dating etc), I always think to myself "what are these quality paid apps?" The 2 'big paid sites' that immediately spring to mind are Match and E-harmony. But from my experience and the experience of others, these have both gone massively downhill over the last few years due to not deleting their inactive unsubscribed members, and there being no way to see who's an active member and who isn't. Reading the 'Is there any point doin
  12. By accident he wrote he was a French speaking person looking only for an English speaking person I hope he wrote this in French! Casting my mind back to GCSE French: "Je parlais Francais. Je voudrais un femme de parlais Anglais". That's probably awful........ To be honest, I'm a natural night owl (probably because I've hardly ever worked mornings). But being up early makes me feel really good. I love the feeling of having got loads done but it's still morning. Conversely, if I lie in too late, I feel pretty rubbish for having wasted a decent chunk of the day. But I find it incredibly
  13. I'd second this. I'm in a 20's and 30's hiking group myself and it's a great way to get to know people. In non-pandemic times, the events in our group will often have 40 or 50 people and it's usually close to a 50 / 50 split of male / female. It's good fun and there's normally a pint in a pub near the end. One of my old university friends is now married to someone he met through the group and there's a few others too. And funnily enough, I actually thought the same as Tom before I first went - I thought "I don't know if I want to go hiking with a load of strangers and I do like the solitu
  14. Ah, I'd not heard of that one. How much is it? (I had a look on their website but couldn't see price mentioned)
  15. Yes. You both have to match through a right swipe (same as on Tinder). But then the woman has to be the one to start the conversation. If she doesn't within 24 hours of matching, the match 'expires'. It's a concept I like. When I first started this journal last year, I was just using Bumble and I felt like I was really getting somewhere - I had a couple of things which didn't quite work out, but I was enjoying Bumble and my mindset (which imo is key for online dating) was in the right place. But then after a few weeks, I was getting the 'no more matches in your area' message on Bumble, - I t
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