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  1. I understand, like I said, I got nervous they way he reacted. I was also embarrassed to ask him in person if he had anything. Which I do need to get over that. Yes, we text a lot, I’ve never been with anyone before, and I was considering it. Yes, we did only go to his place because of the pandemic.
  2. I pretty sure, it looked bluish almost, but my gum was white. He said he was worried about a hernia
  3. So, I’ve known this guy for awhile, we’ve been on 3 dates, all were at his place. The last date I had with him we were making out, and I gave him a handjob. He decided on standing up instead. So I did, I stopped. Then he looked down at himself and said oh no! and he ran to the bathroom. I hate to be graphic with all of this, but it was something in his pubic hair, he came out of the bathroom and asked if I had gum. Which I did. But I didn’t give him a bj, not ready for that. Do you think he has crabs and wasn’t telling me? I don’t really no what to think, if I remember correctly he said he thought he had a hernia. Thanks hope this isn’t confusing. I think we might see each other again, once I’m out of qaurentine. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  4. Is it normal to cry almost every night over a guy, he said I was nice and he wants to take things slow. Which I don’t mind, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m good enough.. I feel like He’ll get bored of me! I’m usually quiet more introverted, I have a hard time accepting my personality. Should I ask him what type of girl he’s looking for? Thanks!
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