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  1. I have always dealt with this thing where whenever I socialise, I always felt increadibly lonely afterwards. As I have gotten older, along with moving away from family and friends, it has gotten a lot better, but I still feel lonely after I socialise. The other thing is I always felt very tired after socialising. When I try an explain this to people, I get the impression they think it's quite odd. I try to figure out why I feel like this. There were no massive traumatic events when I was younger or anything. I feel nervous before I socialise, enjoy it when I do, and don't want
  2. So, I had a zoom conference with some old friends. I have moved out of the country and only get to see them every so often. I was a bit apprehensive about going onto the call, I don't know why, I almost ducked out of it.. But I went on anyway... It was fun, lots of laughs, had a few beers along the way... my gf was on the call with me also... she is friends with some of them also, so I was out getting a drink and interrupted her to ask her something, she said "hang on I'm chatting with my friends".. something inside me flicked and I was fuming .. after that I was micro analysing eve
  3. i am interested in a lot, the thing i was most interested in has been unavailable to me for 2 or 3 months now due to traffic after work .... I know it's a horrible thing to say, but the more I put myself out, I find I don't like the locals, which makes it even more isolating.... I find it so hard to grasp that people who are so similar, are so different
  4. from an older perspective... duck and roll out of this... don't get me wrong... it'll be tough, but trust me, you'll look at this as a dodged bullet
  5. I'm away in a different country , just me and my gf... on paper, I should be loving life... I've actally had a great life so far... but yet I feel so lost and lonely all the time.. I feel bad all the time when I feel like this because, 1) it's not only unproductive but 2) there would be people who would love to be in the position I'm in... as stated , lonliness is a big thing...I've been here now for nearl 5 years and still don't feel like I fit in.... but it isn't a new thing... I've always felt sorta lonely.. I guess I got used to temporary lonliness, but being able to have meaningful
  6. I still think of my ex most days... and I don't want to. It's not a case of longer to be back with her, I've moved on, she's moved on. But I still think of her nearly every day. I have no contact with her at all, except she follows me on insta, I don't follow her back. why is it that she still comes in, nearly every day. Some things are good, some things are bad, there isn't any longing there. If anything, there is a part of me that doesn't want her to be happy. Which I don't like either. I don't want to be back with her, but I don't want to be that ex who wishes ill of her...
  7. I have gotten through life so far through numerous starts,false starts and failures... People look at me and the "you have great persevearance" etc...but I have this huge complex of making life difficult for myself. Examples: -I got my degree, but it took 3 failures, a break away from it and a move to another country to complete it.. -I am very good at boxing and soccer, but never stick around long enough to progress like I should -I have lots of aptitude and always get courses in work, which I complete, but half heartedly -I am fit, and could be very fit, but I never see a training
  8. yeah, bad I know ... That's something I'm working on.... It was a combination of things, smaller salary when I first moved over so I couldn't really afford to do much activities, then I moved into a field role with work, which had me away from home 5 days a week for nearly two years.. now I'm in this new role and I'm starting from scratch, but now have more time to join clubs etc... I did have friends in work, mainly in that field section though, so they wouldn't be around much. It's mostly that we're stubborn, so when arguments happen they can be explosive, but it's happening a little more
  9. So.. who has tips for this? I'm in a situation at the moment where I've started a new role in work, which is going well, but I am overwhelmed at times with the step up of work involved... I live in another country away from usual friends and family, with no social network here .. I'm here with my gf who I havent' been getting along with the past couple of months.. So resiliance wise, I'm almost running on empty ... There's been points where I've almost moved out, just picked up everything and left or just went to bed and wanted to sleep for days ... Picking the above apart, th
  10. So, I've come a long way over the last 2 and half years... Moved country, new gf, new job, some of the best achievements I've had in years, done stuff I've been trying years to do and got them done in a matter of months.. All because I took myself out of a toxic lifestyle and mindframe.. But here's the kicker, I still feel so self depricating, that it is holding me back from achieving my full potential... I think this is still a hangover of 20 odd years of behaviour, which I'm trying to adjust, but how do I, I suppose, love myself ? Two examples: I got a qualification which
  11. just wondering if anyone else does be in this situation, I know people will always like/fancy other people even when with someone, I was always in the mind of keeping it to yourself, whereas my girlfriend doesn't, she's very overt about it to the point I actually find it offensive she has no problem being a flirt in front of me.... a little jealous, yes, but that aside, what bugs me more is, if I did it, I would be murdered, she is insanely jealous, to the point I said some TV star was good looking and she stopped watching the program with me, whereas earlier we were watching a dating pr
  12. cheers people for the alternative perspective !
  13. nearly 18months ago I upped sticks, moved country and went to pursue a career opportunity that I would never have gotten back home.. I was in an OK job back home, decent pay and hours, but I wasn't happy.... my social life was very active, but mainly revolved around weekend binges of drink and drugs.... don't get me wrong, it was lots of fun, but had potential to go the competely wrong way.. this has actually happened to a few of my friends, 2 are battling really bad depression at the moment from drink and drugs abuse, one aquaintance died over the weekend, but yet I long to go back to t
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