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  1. We are both 24 (well I will be in a couple weeks) I am ready to get married, not necessarily start a family yet, but I’ve been ready to commit to him for a while now. His family is full of divorce, and I think it put him off from the whole marriage thing. He says he wants to get married one day but he’s not ready.
  2. He never texted anything, he called me immediately after to tell me they had kissed. I hung up on him. When he came home right after his flight we sat down and talked about the rest.
  3. When we sat down and talked about it after he came home, he explained that they had gone out for lunch like he had asked. They talked about their friend. Then she wanted to take him one of her favorite bars for drinks, and he went with her. They had 2 drinks each and she said she wanted to show him her condo, she was proud of it. So they went. Once there they talked more about how things were back then, and he said it just happened. He stopped it from going too far, she was making advances. Then she took him to the airport and he called me immediately. I understand where everyone is coming from, I’ve thought all of it in the time since this happened. But I came to the conclusion that 2.5 years together was worth more than one mistake. He has never done anything else to hurt me, we were so happy before. As I said, I see myself marrying him, he treats me like a queen. This is the only thing bad that’s happened in our relationship this whole time.
  4. My boyfriend and I have been together over 2.5 years now. We live together and have never fought up until just a few months ago. At the end of May he found out that his best friend from high school who he had lost touch with had passed. He flew home (halfway across the country) for the funeral. While home he was able to catch up with some old friends. On the day he was going to fly home, he had some spare time before his flight and asked my permission to get together for lunch with his first girlfriend who was a mutual friend of the one who passed away. I said it was fine, I understand the situation and trusted my boyfriend with her. A few hours later he called me saying they had kissed, and they had cuddled (fully clothed) in her bed. I was in so much shock I just hung up the phone. I picked him up from the airport and couldn’t even look at him. When we got home he apologized profusely, and explained that being with her again just made him feel like he was back in time, like his friend was still alive. I sympathize with him, I don’t believe he meant to hurt me or planned on this happening, and taking the situation into account with how emotional they both were I don’t want to hold it against him. He’s never done anything to hurt me before, and has treated me better than anyone. He’s given me some of the best years of my life, I see myself marrying him in the future. But ever since this happened I notice myself becoming more and more cold and distant. I get angry at him over the most trivial things, I get annoyed if he kisses me too much, I hardly ever want to have sex, and I feel like I’m pushing him away. I don’t want to, I want to work through this together and find a way to forgive him. I know it’ll take time, but I don’t know how to stop acting like this. I don’t want to lose what we had over her. What do I do to make this okay? How can I get past this and get our relationship back to the way it used to be?
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