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  1. greywolf, if you consider 35 euros expensive, all I wish for you is to receive one once to your birthday!!!
  2. Thanks everyone! To answer your questions: the vibrator wasn t the main issue, I was just curious what you think about... "receiving a vibrator to your birthday" I wasn't feeling comfortable in this relationship anyway, so I would end it anyway... Why I invested six months in this? Because I thought/hoped we are going somewhere, because I believed (like he said) he is slow in falling in love etc. But I had enough... If he can t even properly react to my problems, he has no time to meet there is nothing we can do anymore, this "no worries" thing is just not enough... I just feel bad that we broke up in an e-mail, but since he is too busy to meet me , what can I do about? Anyway, he said he is sad but he will survive, so I guess he is totally fine with it... For me is another lesson I had to learn... but I will survive as well...
  3. Sure I tried and he just assumed that I am just being shy... using a vibrator... and about my other kind of "problems" regarding our relationship he is just saying "no worries" ...
  4. I am breaking up with him because I think he doesn t care of me, because I am investing more in this relationship than he does, because I don t feel comfortable just having sex and nothing more... Because I deserve more, because I want more... The vibrator thing just hurt me somehow, so I wanted to know what other think about... That is all... DN, guess what I didn t make on my birthday a scene in front of him no matter how hurt I was and we used it together later, because I wanted to be a lady, since he bought me a gift it wouldn t be polite or nice to just cry over it... or give it back...
  5. Thanks girls, that is exactly what I am doing right now, re-evaluating everything... Another 3 weeks past without seeing each other, due he is way to busy (we work 15 minutes away from each other, so I think we could at least have lunch together once...) So he said he will have time tomorrow to meet me, I said I am not in the mood to just have sex for one hour than he will disappear for another 3 weeks, I am not comfortable with that, and he dared to answer that actually he got 2 free hours and that would be enough for a "nice treat" as he said, he misses my massage... So I said no, I am not in the mood for "treats" anymore... Now he said he is sad... but understands... Oh, by the way we are just e-mailing daily, he never calls me, he gave me a phone number but it s always turned off, he said because it is his personal number and he is not using it that much I guess he is using it just when he wants some "treats"... so I guess that was it...
  6. He is 42, I am 33 and we have been dating for 6 months...
  7. What I have done to show him affection? Holding his hands in public, kissing him for no reason even during a dinner at a restaurant, I like hugging him, surprising him with small stuffs, like bringing him a small stone from a shore where I was walking without him showing him I miss him, sending him pictures (I take pictures) showing him I miss him, saving him a piece of chocolate (I know he likes chocolates, so if I tried something new, interesting taste for sure I will save a bit for him, you know small silly stuffs... rearranging my schedule for him so we can meet no matter how busy we are, I have learn how to give a massage just to make him feel good... asking about his life, his work etc. he almost never does that, only lately begun to ask some questions about my work, but never about my life, my family, my dreams, plans whatever... And when I am telling him, that I am not comfortable because I am constantly having this feeling he is just after sex (he is just too cold, our dates are just about sex, he has never time to something more,) he never denies it, just tells me not to worry...
  8. Yes, regardless to the vibrator I don t feel "loved" we spent a few days together around my birthday (this was the first time we could spend some real time together, like not just a few hours of dates but actually staying, sleeping together for 2 days) and he never showed any sign of affection outside of the bedroom like just hugging me, kissing me, like he wasn t cuddling me before going to sleep, or we were watching Tv and he just pulled away from me when I tried to rest my head on his shoulder... O.k he fixed dinner or bought breakfast into bed for me once and always opens his car s door for me, but that is all he is doing, no other signs of his affection... He had no time to see me for 3 weeks, (we are living in the same town) and never bothered to pick up the phone to just say: "I am sorry, I can t meet you, but I miss you..." so this is getting too much for me, so I am thinking of breaking up with him, I just don t feel, loved, appreciated so what is the point being together?
  9. Well thanks for the answers, yes I am hurt and don t know how to take all this, that is why I am curious of your opinions, I am not against sex toys it could be fun, but not as birthday present and the only present he ever gave me and the fact that he wasn t making any effort to just buy some flowers or whatever... And no, I never mentioned that I would like to even try a vibrator... And I constantly was surprising him with small presents, more meaningful and romantic of course and he enjoyed it, I even take some courses to learn how to give him a massage just to please him, because I knew how he liked receiving massage and he obviously appreciated the effort but still he is not making any effort to do something for me... I always bringing for him small stuffs from my business trips, he is also traveling a lot but never bought me anything from those trips... I got the feeling he is not that into me...
  10. No there was no other present, just a vibrator... And he said he bought it for me because he had no idea what to buy (some flowers would just do...) and he asked me once if I have one, and because I said I don t have, so he bought one... I don t know... I was shocked when I opened it, we tried it later together, still... About the feeling that he is just after sex, we talked, he never denied it, just always says "no worries" and that he is slow in falling in love... still I don t feel "loved" by him...
  11. I ve just got a vibrator form my boyfriend (we have been dating for 6 months) I felt strange, since I wished for a more romantic gift... I ve never even used a vibrator before.... I am curious why the hell would a guy buy a vibrator for his girlfriend??? I always had the feeling that he is just after sex in this relationship, but now this present somehow "insulted" me... I don t know what to think... Plus this is his first present for me... What do you think guys? Would you buy such thing to someone you real care about??? As a first gift? Thanks!
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