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  1. lukeb, it was not toward your reply, sorry if I gave a wrong impression by responding right after. charles18, I am not, you probably should read everything again and if you still don't get it, you will understand it when you grow up a little older or I hope so because most do...
  2. Well, let me be clear on one thing, I am not looking for a relationship or anything romantic. I also have this fantasy of dressing and he seems to like it. That's why we meet and have fun. Nothing more. But when I said I want him to want me more, it's totally in a sexual context. I want to see him more often, but just for sex, so if I know what these guys want, desire, do in bed in general, I thought I would increase my chances by offering those things next time, like letting him know my penis is there but without showing the actual penis as someone suggested earlier. He's not very talkative,
  3. Dear all, I am very surprised and pleased with the intellectual responses. As you all noticed, it's not an easy question to answer because of our diverse sexual desires, just like why I want to dress as a girl. I am not very experienced in terms of interacting with many guys, but I did notice that the guys I have interacted with always liked my penis(I am using the word because it seems that the audience here is comfortable with the word), or at least that's the main reason why they want me. We could just say " hey that is what he is" but I just wanted to know what the possibilities are fro
  4. So one thing really bothers me. I met this guy online and he's totally hot and he can get girls at bars or clubs. But time to time, he wants to have sex with me as a crossdresser (and I am male, well, I have this hobby to dress like a girl). Apparently he's very close to straight, he does not want a man, he wants me to be very passable, meaning just like a * * * * ty girl. But the thing that I don't really understand is why doesn't he just get a girl? I have had encounters with men as a crossdresser, and it's totally understandable when the guy is interested in my "something extra" that gi
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