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  1. and i've been taking vitamins. but also smoking cigarettes too much. *sigh* stress
  2. i don't have a scale, so i don't know how much weight i've lost but i can tell by the way my jeans & bra fit. funny though, i physically don't FEEL crappy, unless i go horse riding for a long time and burn too much energy. it's easier to force myself to drink juice even though it doesn't seem appetizing at all right now, and i'm pretty much just eating a couple of snacks throughout the day. at first sleeping was impossible, but now i've got that down fine. i'm sure my appetite will come back, it's just strange for right now. interestingly enough, my ex has said that he hasn't been able to eat, or sleep, and has been having trouble, um, pooping. heh. and he's the one who made the decision for the break. at least i know he's going through some bad times too, ha!
  3. thanks! eating a few bites here and there is what I've been doing. it's so crazy what stresses can do to your body, and it's pretty sad that I can barely finish an apple, heh.
  4. ever since my boyfriend of three years and i broke up a couple of weeks ago, i've had very little to absolutely no appetite. when i DO feel a bit hungry, i spring on the moment and fix something to eat. i will only have a few bites and then i feel immediately full, and very often nauseous. even drinking a smoothie/green machine naked juice (which i LOVE) is difficult to do. i've never had any issues with food before, so this is all really foreign to me. i know that it's due to anxiety over the break up and perhaps a bit of depression. aside from being a little mopey and sad now and again, i can feel myself starting to feel more like myself, except for my appetite. i assume my stomach has withered down in size, for the first week i literally ate maybe a half a meal's worth of food a day. do i "force" myself to eat? i really don't want to. i've always been one to listen to my body, and my body weight is not low, i'm healthy, so honestly it wouldn't be hurting me to lose a pound or two. i just don't want to have my immune system compromised or anything...
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