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  1. I have to admit I felt a tinge of envy when I read this,( I don't see this being my experience), but good for you NG85! Keep us posted


    Thanks, Jakel, but I don't think my situation is one to be envious of. According to FB she became single early yesterday morning. Within 6 hours she was texting me about wanting to visit my city (AKA visit me, most likely). She's clearly looking for comfort and needs attention, and since I was the last person she was very comfortable with she's seeking that comfort from me. I'm trying to push back our meet-up a few weeks just so she won't be so desperate when we meet up. If we did end up getting back together I'd really be no more than a rebound at this point. And honestly, since she was never really single between our relationship and her new one, she probably didn't have time to improve herself or change, so we'd be right back to square one. Hopefully seeing her will allow me to get a good gauge on where she is in life, but I'd also be content finding someone new who's a little older and more mature.


    Also, it's funny - Not too long ago she said she hated my city. Now she's saying she misses it and is excited to visit.

  2. Broke NC today at day 39. Texted my ex back to see what the deal was with meeting up. She said she didn't know when she was visiting and wanted to know my schedule. Seems she's only coming to town to see me. I figured it would be one of her classic roadtrips where she visits friends in different cities, but I don't think my availability would affect a trip like that this much.

  3. DAY 39


    Got a text from my ex today saying she might be in town soon and wants to hang. I wondered what was up, since she was supposed to be moving accross the country to be with her new guy. I decided to check her Facebook after months of having it blocked to find out if she actually moved.




    I'm waiting a bit to text her back, but I find it kind of funny that as soon as she breaks up with her guy of 5 months she sends me a text. Me = Winner?

  4. DAY 37


    Still going NC......And still haven't received the package of my stuff that was supposed to show up a week or 2 ago.


    A friend told me my ex might have been joking about telling me she was moving to make me jealous. And according to some friends she's still in her home city. I wonder what's up.


    I'd like to text her to find out when my stuff's going to show up, but I also want to stick to this NC challenge as long as possible.

  5. DAY 32


    Yeah, my 30-day challenge ended 2 days ago, but I'm still truckin' on. I'm sure she's moved away by now, so the ball's in her court as far as getting in touch. I really wonder if her rate of trying to contact me will rise or fall once she's living near/with her new guy. It'll be interesting to see.

  6. 30 DAYS!!!!!!


    I never thought I'd be able to do it, but I did. I didn't actually realize it was day 30 until I saw this thread. As time went on it got easier and easier to deal with, to the point that I found out my ex is moving in with her boyfriend and I don't even care. It gave me time to focus on myself and push her out of my mind. I'm going to keep going on with NC. Day 30 is just the beginning!

  7. DAY 28


    4 WEEKS!!! After ignoring calls, texts, and IMs, I'm sad to say I had to respond to one last week. But it was so she could send me back some of my stuff, so it was about me, not her. I'm waiting till at least day 30 to let her know I received my stuff, then I'm going NC again for the interim. She's moving accross the country soon, I'm pretty sure to be with her LDR boyfriend, so we'll see if she cuts off contact all together, or if she ends up getting in touch a few times a month like she used to.


    Overall, I'm feeling MUCH better than I have in the months since the break-up, but it still irks me that it seems she's doing well. Something inside me wants her to be miserable like she used to be. Maybe she is, but she's putting on a happy face for me.

  8. DAY 23:


    Got a text and/or phone call from my ex every day the past few days. Finally I get an email from her today saying she's moving and wants to mail me some stuff she still has of mine. I'm about 99% sure she's moving in with her boyfriend based on the place she said she was moving.


    I'm not too cracked up about it, but should I just break NC to give her my address so I can get my stuff? She's apparently moving before my NC period is up.

  9. I need some advice, too. My ex texted me yesterday with the "How've you been, haven't heard from you" line after 20 days of NC. I always feel really bad leaving someone's texts unanswered, but I suppose NC means NC. However, I have been busy getting ready for a trip this weekend to visit some friends. Would a simple text saying I'm busy getting ready for the trip, but I'll be free next week be alright? (It does show that I'm going out and having fun - It might even make her jealous if I say it's for a bachelor party) Or should I just forget about it? To add to it, she has a boyfriend, and I've been told that if that's the case to just go flat-out NC.

  10. Ugh, almost had a relapse. Still have 10 days left, but I feel almost guilty about letting her text go unanswered. I already ignored a text from her a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering if all this ignoring is pissing her off. I was considering sending her a text saying "Hey, I've been busy planning to go away for the weekend. Talk next week?" But then I thought it'd be better just to leave it unanswered. Thoughts?

  11. i was gonna contact her on day 7, i can't do what u guys r doing....yeah maybe i'm just weak


    It's tough, but you'll get through it. This is actually my second or third period of NC. Each time before this I would just wait until she contacted me first (Usually about 3 weeks), but in the back of my mind I was hoping that every phone call, email, IM, etc. would be from her. Now I've gone 3 weeks into NC and threw this mindset out the window, and it's become much easier. It was actually a surprise when I saw she texted me today because...Well...I actually forgot she existed!

  12. DAY 20


    Almost 3 weeks......But tonight I get a text from my ex asking if I'm doing alright since she hasn't heard from me in a while (I've been staying off AIM and keeping any and all internet activities to a minimum). NC has been getting easier, and when I got her texts I didn't have that empty feeling in my chest I used to get. I've been keeping busy and focusing on work and having fun. Sucks for her that she didn't get in touch closer to day 28 or 29!

  13. DAY 17


    This is getting easier and easier every day, and my mind is pretty much off my ex. But that's because I had a party at my house this weekend and ended up sleeping with a girl who was there. Now I'm having that several-day awkward period where I feel great and dirty at the same time. One-night stands were never my thing.

  14. DAY 14 - 2 WEEKS!!!


    Almost halfway! Again, I honestly forgot about this thread and the challenge, because she's been pushed out of my mind. No contact so far from her end in the past week, and I have no desire to contact her. In my past periods of NC, it was always just staying NC until she contacted me...And I'd be waiting the entire NC period to hear from her. Now I have a set date to keep going NC, so it's not a priority anymore to wait by the phone to wait for her to call or text. Winning!

  15. DAY 10


    A week ago I was freaking out, but the past few days it's been easy. In fact, I haven't updated my progress in this thread because I actually completely forgot about it! I've focused on work and going out and having fun. Even better, I might have a date with a new girl next weekend!

  16. DAY 7


    I think part of my recent resurgence in sadness over this half-year long break up was due to being sick and being alone as Spring is around the corner, as well. I had some friends over for St. Patty's Day last night and just tried to have as much fun as possible (Without going too crazy!).


    Last night, though, I had another dream about my ex. I dreamt that she came to visit me and we were both very happy. She was kissing me and gave me a gift, which made me happy in the dream. Things went well, but right before she left she told me she was moving in with her new boyfriend. That kind of made the dream sour. But overall I had this euphoric feeling about it. I have no idea why I'm dreaming about her at this point, as I never really dreamt of her when we were together or right when we broke up. But it seems like every night this week she's been in my dreams.

  17. DAY 6


    I accept this challenge, although it's been 6 days since my ex and I last spoke. We've been apart for about 5-6 months, and we had various periods of NC and LC. The problem is that I felt my healing process has been hindered since I would always end up talking to her if she called or texted, which would be about every 2-3 weeks. We've been on good terms, but factor in that she got a new boyfriend right after we broke up, and every time I talk to her I'm reminded of that fact.


    I'm going forward with NC this time to fully work on healing myself and to try and heal completely, rather than temporarily like in the past. There's no way I'm healed if suddenly out of nowhere I get depressed and confused at the same level I was when we first broke up.


    My defining point came a few days ago when I was on AIM and she IMed me. I never responded, and it felt like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. I did feel bad for blowing her off, but I realized that she broke up with me and rebounded almost instantly, which are 2 things that really messed me up. Not responding to an IM is the least I could do to show her how I feel.


    24 days left. I also have a date with another girl in a week. Let's see how that goes!

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