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  1. The past seven years I have been a part-time cashier at a supermarket in my town. Last October, I got transferred (and promoted to full-time) to the supermarket that is 45 minutes away from me. Suffice to say, the commute is not working well. During a ride home where the weather was a blizzard, I lost control of my bodily functions and urinated all over myself. I also feared for my life driving home because the roads were so horrible. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor to have her write a note explaining that the commute is not working for the new job, and to request if i
  2. Oh. I’m autistic so I don’t understand social cues. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. My next question: how far along were you all when you had the procedure? Did you have the vacuum or the pill?
  4. General curiosity. I have never been pregnant, never will be.
  5. ...and regrets it or not? I’ve been told most women regret their abortions, and vice versa. I’m curious which is true. (However I have a feeling it’s a tie.) Thanks. 🙂
  6. Long story short: my mother and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants way back when I was 14. At the time, I was struggling with my depression and autism. (Obviously was not being given the help I have today.) When my mother and I were done with our dinner, I was feeling very low and sad. As the waitress cleared away our plates, she asked, "Is everything all right here?" My mother assured her that yes, everything was fine. But I'm confused: let's say there WAS something wrong. What would we tell the waitress? (As you all know, I don't understand social cues at all. So I'
  7. Everyone involved is autistic. Ok, so my friend Jim was leaving a party when he accidentally backed into his friend Bob's car. Just made a barely noticeable scrape on both cars. Bob wasn't there when Jim made the scrape, but their friends Tasha and Jake were. Jim insisted he tell Bob, but Tasha and Jake convinced him to just shrug it off and at least sleep on it. Suffice to say, Jim says he feels like an idiot, lol. As I said, I saw both scrapes-- barely noticeable at all. You'd really have to look close to notice. (Nothing broken, thank God, he says. I agree.) Should Jim let it go a
  8. lol, thanks. That definitely made me feel better. I'm not in college. I graduated with a B.A. in January 2008. So I haven't been in college for awhile now.
  9. Curious, did you graduate college? What kind of stuff did you do that you wish you didn't? Very true. :) I also sometimes remember something my friend said back in the 90s, when I was obsessed with the 50s: "As soon as I find someone with a time machine, I'll let you know." Still waiting to hear from her. ;)
  10. I went to parties and did things with guys I didn't truly want to do. I transferred my sophomore year to a much better college; however even while there I still felt peer pressure to "fit in" and do typical college activities. I couldn't wait to make it through and just get that degree that was etched into my psyche as being so important. I feel horrible that I let peer pressure get the better of me at my first college. Occasionally I even have a dream that what I did with this one guy didn't really happen; that I had just dreamed it. Then I wake up and I'm hugely disappointed. I need s
  11. Ah ok. Not only did I live out a fantasy, but I also knew that if I didn't answer it right then and there, my mother would get mega-worried and suspicious about why no one was answering the house and cell phones. (So what I should've done back then: let the cell phone ring, and then call back my mom when Christian and I were done having sex? And if she got all worried and panicked, that wouldn't be my problem, but hers?)
  12. I don't know what's appropriate to say. I'm autistic/have "social dyslexia." Growing up, my mom would always say, "Think before you say something, I don't want people to think you're weird!" (Again, this was way before we knew I was autistic.) But telling me to "think before you say something" is like telling someone without calling ID, "Only answer the phone if it's for you." None. At least not until now, when I was wondering if what I did was a truly inappropriate/strange thing to do. (This website saved my butt a few years ago when I had an idea to contact my ex's friend about his
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