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  1. I think she would be hurt by the idea I was thinking about this and not focusing more on how we feel for one another. I would be complicating something so seemingly simple. I think you're right though. Probably just better to let her go and let it lie.whatever happens will happen and there's no need to go chasing after her if she has made up her mind to end things. She knew I was married, she knew the complications, she knew the risks. I don't think she considered my attachment to my home, geographically speaking.
  2. I think she went ahead and ended it because I was at home and not with her. Geographically. We live in separate states. Truthfully, I am living in the same home I grew up in. I have a nice spread here. Not extravagant but I like it. Space and privacy...great place to escape to. I LOVE the area she lives in. My hang up is/was leaving all I'd ever known. I was afraid I'd lose my home in the divorce(overthinking and awfulizing) I believe she saw that as I'd never leave my wife. I've slowly but surely become apathetic to the whole thing and if I lose the house l, i lose the house. I love whe
  3. " what concerns me is your actions.. messing around, when married?? How long have you had this fling with this other woman? My issue is also if you are not emotionally removed from that of you marriage (wife), you could very well be just in it for a thrill/change- and rebounding. What if you're just hitting a mid-life crisis and be pulling away from this one as well, when the honeymoon phase ends? And how well do you know her?" I've known her for 5 years and our affair was on and off over 3 of it. We were coworkers and good friends. It started simply enough, common
  4. Question for the group. I am 47 and have had an affair with a woman 10 years older than me. My marriage basically feels like it's over and was before the affair. I really would like to be with this woman. I feel somewhat reluctant to get super involved with her because of the age difference and where we are in life. I'll go ahead and head off the low lying fruit. I have a post in Infidelity going over the affair and I feel pretty crappy all in all but i am considering my options as it were. Here is the seemingly shallow stuff. First we have a lot in common and have genuine feelings
  5. Thank you for responses and thank you for keeping it straight forward with me. I was pretty much thinking the same thing, just needed to say it and be affirmed in my conclusion. Probably wrong place to say it but I will say this. As much as I love "Kim" and as happy as we made one another, if I had it all to do over, I wouldn't have gone near her. I've been a bit of a *** before and sometimes cold hearted. I've spoken before I thought and rarely walked it back. I have clinical depression and all but I gotta say...this affair has left me with more bad feeling about myself than any of my d
  6. Good evening all. It's been almost 9 years since my last bit of activity here. I just need to get this all out somewhere and everyone here was so good about listening before. This will be long and somewhat drawn out. I will skip around a bit and add information not necessarily in chronological order.While I understand there will likely be some comments that will tell what a wonderful person I am(sarcasm mine) I am going to own my actions and go ahead and say I feel like dirt and frankly don't need the criticism, I can and continue to handle that myself, so don't expect a response to any
  7. WOW ROFLMAO!!!!! So glad I took a browse through other forums today. My gutter was thoroughly sloshed though and my mind will need time to recover. Dragunuv-1;I'm gonna use that line on page 6 and you get the credit. love that one. While I have no comment to add to the value of this thread, I sooooo thank you all for the laughs.
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