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  1. Thanks so much for responding! Honestly this is one of my favorite threads! I wish more people would continue to update on how their life progresses post break-up. It really helps readers gain perspective. I am in therapy now, which has been excellent. Though its odd that my therapist was almost encouraging me to be optimistic about the possibility of a reconciliation, without any prompts for me! I wonder if thats usual, or professional... Anyway, I think I might wait a while to really be certain of my feelings. I know its easy to confuse a lot of emotions, including loneliness and fear, with
  2. Wonderful! Though I know every situation is different this gives me hope! Its refreshing to hear happy stories for a change, the best part seems to be that you found your independence.
  3. This is such a great thread that has really made me think deeply about my current situation. I broke things off with my boyfriend, and he ended up agreeing. I had many times throughout the relationship questioned our connection and wether I could really see myself with him in the future. He would always initiate talks about kids, marriage etc., we moved really fast. I would see-saw between feeling like he was the one for me and feeling like we were totally wrong for eachother. It didn't help much that this was my first serious relationship and I started out with uncertainty never having anyth
  4. Jmr I read your post. That is much more complicated than my situation (so far at least)! I hope everything works out for you, you seem to be on the right track. The problem with me is that I already feel like the ball is in his court. When I saw him on friday I wasn't dramatic or that emotional (not anymore than him) but I did let him know that I was thinking I might have been hasty and that I did miss him and still loved him. He seemed a bit more confused than I was at that point. He asked if he could contact me and I said yes so long as there were no mixed messages. However all this was said
  5. What if I'm the dumper? I broke up with my now ex 10 days ago and feel I've made a mistake. At the time of the break-up, which was a surreal moment where we were both kinda shocked, I convinced him he would rather be single. The relationship was by no means perfect and I was feeling as if I was becoming less and less of a priority to him. However I'm now regretting my move, but having talked to him on friday when he came to pick up his stuff and gently probing to see if he might be interested in getting back together he just said he didn't really know how he felt anymore. He wants to be friend
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