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  1. Maybe I am trying to make myself feel better. But I disagree that she is 'not doing anything'. I ran accross an article that said the silent treatment was a passive aggressive form of abuse, used to control someone and make them feel like * * * * , basically. I guess I'm just trying to understand why someone I considered my friend would do something like this. I wish I was in a situation where I could 'leave her alone and go away', but I signed a 12 month lease. If she truly doesn't want to be friends, then fine. Perhaps she isn't the person I thought she was, and I wouldn't want to st
  2. I posted a thread about my rommate situation before, but I read an interesting article about the Silent Treatment, and was wondering if you thought this qualified, and wether you think the Silent Treatment is a form of abuse... I transferred to a college back in my hometown this year (where my rommate goes to school). She was my very best friend in high school, and our friendship continued into college, even though I went to a school hundreds of miles away. I was hoping (and told her I was hoping) that she would be there for me during my transition to another school etc. But, we ended up in a
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