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  1. Yeah, I know in the future, I won't overreact, but in this case, he decided to move on, so it's not really my choice. I'm actually OK with it.
  2. Nevermind. I'm a lot more perceptive than I give myself credit for. I was right--he did want to end it. It's funny how he can go from being so willing to try things again to so willing to let it go. I guess that proves the point that he just didn't feel too strongly about it. It hurts, but I'm glad in a way because it means a fresh start. Thanks for all of your advice, though.
  3. I definitely understand wanting to move forward, but honestly, if I were in his shoes, I would at least tell the other person that I'm going to move on, rather than having them find out through a blabbermouth friend. Especially considering the friendship I "thought" we developed over the months.
  4. I did that. I had been wanting to tell him that before I even found out about the date. Him going out on the date did not make me want him back. In fact, it made me not want to get back with him more than anything. I went NC because of all the things I have going on in my life (school, an upcoming move to a higher position at my job, not to mention being sick for a couple of weeks with dry socket). I decided I did not want to keep him waiting anymore, so I took a step back to figure out if I wanted to reconcile with him. I figured out earlier this week that I did, and had planned on telling him the next time I saw him. Lo and behold, I found out before I could tell him that he was going on a date with someone else (that his friends, I assume, set him up with). So I decided to just tell him via email rather than wait. I thought he should know. He responded back saying he did want to get together and talk. My wanting to reconcile has nothing to do with jealousy or rejection--I really do like him. In so many ways, we're completely right for each other. OK, so my question is, given the fact that we've been friends for quite a while (and close friends before we even dated), why couldn't he just come out and say this? Just tell me "I've decided to move on and date others." If he had done that, no problem. I'd accept it and move on. But the fact that he told me not even two weeks ago that he wanted to make this work (and I told him the same), and then goes out on a date, and then pretends as if everything is normal between us, well, that's a bit unnerving.
  5. I'm not sure if it's an insecurity on my part, or just wondering what sort of guy he is. Maybe I'm overreacting and thinking that, if he's going out on these dates now, he'll keep doing it even when/if we're back together. Which I completely would not be cool with. And, yeah, I did make it clear I wanted to work things out, but that I needed time. The way he handled us breaking up before was rather immature--instead of telling me there was a problem, he just acted cold and distant for a week or two before laying it all on me. I was hurt by that. That's what I'm wondering. And if he has, I wish he would just tell me and give me that closure. To be honest, I needed a complete break from him--talking to him, seeing him etc. I needed to sort through some things that have been going on in my life. I really needed to re-evaluate things and whether or not I really wanted to pursue a relationship with him. So I took the break and kept a bit of distance between us. I needed it and I felt like he did as well.
  6. Alright, so it's a rather long story, but I'm going to try and condense it down as much as possible. Basically, I met a guy a year and a half ago. We became good friends, and March of last year, we started dating (both of us are college students). It lasted two months before we simply decided to part ways because neither of us really knew what it meant to be in a relationship. Still we remained good friends, and talked several times of trying things again, but due to our schedules, we weren't really able to, but have been hanging out with each other. A few weeks ago, I decided to give us both space, as we never went NC before and I felt we needed a break. So we didn't talk or see each other as often as before. He still contacted me quite a bit, though. I used this time to think about a lot of different things, and finally reached the conclusion that I was ready to attempt getting back together, which is something I know he's been waiting on for months. I had planned on telling him this past Friday. Before I could tell him in person, though, I found out through a friend of his (who I work with) that he was going out on a blind date Friday. This friend didn't actually tell me, but I overheard her talking about it. Needless to say, I was both shocked and a bit pissed off. He's been saying for months that he really wants to work things out between us, and yet he's going out on blind dates? Something about that doesn't seem right to me, as he's never been the sort of guy to date multiple women at once (and it's never anything I would want to be apart of). Before he went out on this "date" I sent him a message through Myspace telling him I wanted to get together and talk things out, and he agreed to it. I'm pretty sure he still went on the date despite knowing my feelings, which really upsets me. So, a few questions for everyone here: 1) Should I really be upset about him going out on a blind date when we've wanted to work things out? Is it something that should cause me to not be able to trust him anymore? 2) When I speak to him again, should I bring up this date to him? He doesn't know that I know about it. 3) What do you think his intentions are? Do you really think he's serious about wanting to get back together, or is he just messing around with me? Thanks
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