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  1. Highly intelligent people often deal with specific struggles that the rest of us never realize. These problems, which only smart people have, can make their lives very emotionally taxing. Perhaps these are signs of intelligence - but they can also be a burden.
  2. What are the signs that someone likes you? People will often say these simple phrases if they’re actually attracted to you, yet you may not have ever realized it!
  3. These simple habits will help you spot the signs of anxiety, and then reduce the stress involved in processing it. Anxiety can be debilitating and exhausting. So today, we present 4 little habits that can help you manage it.
  4. How can you start a great conversation with your special girl or guy friend? Many people want to know if there are ice breakers that actually work, whether it’s on tinder or in real life. We’re here to show you: there are.
  5. Do people secretly find you attractive? Are you one of the best looking people in the room? To attractive people, their good looks aren’t always obvious. Other people may think you're attractive and you may not realize it. So how can you really tell?
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