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  1. A lot of women ask me about the no contact method, or going no contact on a guy in order to get him to change the way he treats them. This is often a mistake. Even in the cases where going no contact is appropriate, women often make the mistake of doing it wrong. The No contact rule. Does it really work and do guys give a crap?
  2. How some women sabotage their own love life and attract users. They chase men who are good kissers, instead of spending time getting to know good men. This dating mistake leads to so much heartache. Many women don’t realize they are making this mistake and hurting themselves in the process. They miss all the red flags because they are focused on the wrong things when dating a new guy. Women are are hypnotized by men they chase for the wrong reasons. Once dykmotized they find themselves in long term situation-ships wondering why and how they have gotten into another dead end relationship with a man who doesn’t want anything serious, women self sabotage rationalizing their sexual mistakes with guys. Year after year women sleep around and are test driven but never adjust their approach or the type of guy they chase. Afraid to waste their time putting physical stuff first, end up wasting even more precious time and energy with the wrong guys.
  3. If you don’t do this your relationship will fail. This is 3 relationship health tips. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. If you want your relationship to work long term you need to do the maintenance on it. You need to do these relationship health checks. Keep your marriage or relationship going strong after watching this video.
  4. Biggest reg flag and turn off for guys who are serious about finding love. Women are always wondering how to get more attention from the right guys. Sometimes they take their efforts a little too far. Sometimes they court the wrong attention from the wrong guys while repelling the right guys. Sometimes women are turning men off and don’t even know it. Many women give off red flags trying to find a man. Don’t repel good men with thus behavior if your looking for real love. Men are judging your every move just like women do with men. Men are very protective of themselves and are careful not to trust the wrong women. Don’t look like an emotional threat, watch the energy you put out and be careful not to misrepresent yourself as an F-girl. F- boys love f-girls but real men don’t. Sometimes your social media can make you look like an attention *** and an f-girl.
  5. Will a good man do this for his woman if he loves her? What to expect from a “GOOD MAN” Some emotional think good men are hard to find. Many women think god men longer exist. As a dating coach I’ve found that the expectations we have and the standards we establish play a big big part in if we will ever find love or marriage. Women often take crap from men because their standards are low. Low standards lead to a lot of romance and sexual engagement but very few quality relationships. The equal and opposite extreme is just as much if a hindrance though. Women having standards that are too high for men to live up to often lead to women failing to find the love they are desperately hoping for. Some women are saving themselves for marriage. For them dating can be even harder because less men these days are willing to wait. In this video we discuss if a good man is willing to wait till marriage.
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